DŌST Sustain

At DŌST, we believe riding bikes is probably the most fun thing we can do to ensure a healthy and sustainable future: biking is good for people, our communities and the planet.

That’s why DŌST wants biking to grow. We want it to grow and grow until the streets are filled with bicycles.

Sure, it’s a big vision, but we’ve got a plan. We call it DŌST Sustain, and it acts as our guide in everything we do, from the bikes we build, to the company we are, to the movements we support.

Let’s grow ebiking together.

The Bikes We Build

Love at First Sight

As a bicycle manufacturer, we play a crucial role in growing biking, and that begins with designing beautiful bikes; they catch the eye and spur the imagination. After all, the bikes that get ridden the most are the ones that people love.

The Second Car

You’ve fallen in love with your DŌST Bike... the sexy lines, the attention to detail. Now, more practical aspects come into focus. That’s what we call utility, the part that makes our bikes capable of doing many things you’d do with a car. Things like going for groceries, picking up the kids after work, or heading to the golf course. All that with zero emissions. Sweet.

Durable. Repairable.

Building bikes that last for years isn’t just the right thing to do for our customers; it’s the right thing to do for the planet. The same thing goes for repair. If anything should go wrong with a DŌST bike, we guarantee we’ll have the parts in stock for years to come. More riding, less landfill.

The Company We Are

Sustainability Frameworks for Business

The businesses at the forefront of sustainability subscribe to internationally recognized frameworks that help guide them in their decision-making, frameworks like the B-Corp Impact Assessment and Future Fit. We’re investigating those frameworks to find just the right fit for our business so that we can be confident we’re on the road to becoming a leader in our own right.

Partners in Our Supply Chain

A DŌST bike is built from dozens of components supplied by our manufacturing partners all over the globe. We also work with other partners that supply the biking-related products we sell in our online store. These partners form our global supply chains, and working with them to ensure best practices is an ongoing process that we will continue in the years to come.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is sometimes reduced simply to caring for the environment. Still, a more robust and meaningful conception places the economy and society on equal footing, a relationship sometimes likened to a three-legged stool. The society part, for DŌST, means giving back to the communities where we do business. We do so by supporting non-profit Biking Advocacy Organizations in Canada and the US.

The Movements We Support

Our mission is to grow biking across North America because it’s good for people, communities, and the planet. But we’re far from alone in our vision of streets filled with bicycles. In cities, provinces, and states across Canada and the US, there is a network of Biking Advocacy Organizations, that have been at the forefront of the movement to improve the lives of cyclists for decades.

Advocacy Organizations undertake a host of activities: they work with lawmakers at all levels of government to pass pro-cycling legislation; they work to get funding for infrastructure projects like bike lanes; they educate the public about safety and the benefits of biking and much, much more.


For 2021, DŌST donated directly to select non-profit partners through a campaign called Ride Some Good. It was designed to get the DŌST community riding for a good cause: the more miles, the more DŌST donated.