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This summer 2021

#ride some good


For 2021 DŌST will be donating $10,000 to non-profit Biking Advocacy Organizations Velo Canada & People for Bikes in the US through a campaign called #RideSomeGood. We’d love it if you and your friends could help us reach our goal of riding 1,000,000 km this summer - you don’t even need a DŌST Bike to participate!

Ride for a good cause &
win a DŌST bike!

  • Track and share your favourite rides on the RideSpot App
  • Complete challenges for a chance to win prizes
  • DŌST donates $1,000 for every 100,000 km’s the community rides

Top riders

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How it works

It’s super easy, all you need is a bike (not just a DŌST) and a smartphone to track your rides. Your distance gets uploaded automatically and added to the group total using a free app developed by People for Bikes

Download RideSpot for free from your App Store (iOS and Android)

Open the App & Sign Up With Your Email

Search Under “Challenges” for DŌST Ride Some Good

Use the App to track your rides & upload your favourites to the database

Biking Advocacy -
Key to Growing Biking

If you’ve been following us you’ll already know that we’re on a mission to grow biking. We’d love to see the streets filled with bicycles.

But did you know there are millions of people across North America who share our vision? They are the members of the many Biking Advocacy Organizations networked across Canada and the United States. These non-profit organizations were created by passionate riders in most cities and in every province and state.

These organizations are critical partners in the effort to grow biking and that’s why DŌST is proud to be providing them with financial support.


Velo Canada & People For Bikes

For 2021 we are proud to be donating to Velo Canada and People for Bikes in the United States. Both organizations operate at the National level and both are working hard to grow biking and improve the lives of riders everywhere. We invite you to check out their websites to learn more and consider supporting them by becoming a member.

What do Biking Advocacy Organizations Do?

  • They get funding for infrastructure projects like bikes lanes
  • They work with lawmakers at all levels of government to pass legislation like tax breaks for ebikes
  • They educate the public about safety and of course the benefits of biking for health & the planet and much, much more.

Our Commitment to Supporting Communities

Our decision to fund non-profits like Velo Canada and People for Bikes stems from our belief that business can - and must - be a force for good in the world.