Designed in Canada

DŌST Bikes are the 6th generation of eBikes designed by our team in British Columbia using processes we’ve been perfecting since 2014. With over 50 years of combined industry experience and over 6,000 happy customers in nearly every state and province across North America, you could say we know a thing or two about building great eBikes.

The Philosophy Behind the Design - Performance, Comfort and Utility

We’ve developed our own unique philosophy of design, the key elements we believe make the very best eBikes - Performance, Comfort and Utility - elements you’ll find in every bike we build. We didn’t just stumble upon this winning recipe, it’s the result of years of experience, 1,000’s of hours in the saddle and 1000’s of conversations with our customers.

Performance for the North American Rider

Being a boutique brand that sells exclusively to the North American market has some distinct advantages. Regulations here allow for us to spec our bikes with throttles and high-torque 500W motors - three times that of some jurisdictions in Europe. As riders ourselves, we know that’s just the kind of performance you want here in Canada and the US... big territories with big hills.

All-Day Comfort

It may seem self-evident that an eBike should be comfortable, but there’s more to a comfy ride than a cushy saddle. Sure, a suspension fork and top-of-the-line tires are part of the equation, but understanding the intricacies of frame geometry - seat tube angle, head tube angle, reach, and stand-over height - sets DŌST comfort apart.


Utility is hardly the thing people notice first in one of our bikes, but for us, it’s critical. After all, utility is what makes an eBike capable of doing so many amazing things, from a trip to the grocery store to a trip across the country.

From Pencil Sketch to Prototype

A design philosophy is a great start, but it’s not a bicycle, let alone a bicycle that turns heads like a DŌST Bike. It takes true creative talent - our industrial designer - to make practical also look sexy. He’ll take our list of must-have features - dual batteries, mid-drive, fenders, and cargo capacity - and create the concept; a simple pencil sketch that magically transforms ideas into something almost real, something you can imagine yourself riding.


Of course, the factory doesn’t begin work on a prototype based on pencil sketches. The drawings are translated into an advanced 3D model which is then broken down into dozens of engineering drawings, one for each component manufactured at our factory in Taiwan, and ultimately assembled into a fully-functioning prototype that is tested back in Canada.

Test. Tweak. Repeat.

Whistler, British Columbia, is about a two-hour drive north of Vancouver and home to DŌST testing. It’s a small mountain town that’s perfectly suited: an endless array of paved and off-road terrain and mile-high mountains that destroy all but the best electric power plants. If a weak point in the design or manufacture is going to surface, we’ll find it here. Everything is tested, tweaked, and re-tested until we’re 100% satisfied. Only then do we give the green light to go into full production mode.

World Class Partners

Manufacturing & Components

With very few exceptions, Asia is home to the vast majority of bicycle manufacturing. We’re proud to have partnered with one of the top factories in the world, located in Wuling, Taiwan. Our bikes are built alongside some of the most recognized brands in the industry, using components by Shimano, SRAM, Bafang, Samsung, and Schwalbe. The result is a world-class bicycle that’s undergone rigorous quality control, overseen by our own production manager who remains on the factory floor during the entire production process.

Completely Assembled

To our knowledge, DŌST Bikes are the only eBikes that arrive at your doorstep completely assembled. Just turn and tighten the handlebar, attach the pedals, and you’re ready to roll. Pre-assembly at the factory means we have even more control over the quality, and of course, not everybody enjoys wrenching on a bike…

Continuing Innovation

Almost the moment we launched DŌST Bikes, the KOPE and DROP models took the eBike world by storm. Professional reviewers and customers alike were abuzz about the “long-range eBikes that tick all the boxes”; the accolades were humbling. But DŌST is only getting started. Our team continues to grow, and so does our roster of talent. In the future, you can expect our offering of eBike models to expand, and you can expect that we’ll continue to lead the pack with cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

We’re in this for the long haul. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.