The mind
behind the brand

Who we are

Welcome to DŌST Bikes. We’re a new company with a long history - we’ve been building electric assist bikes here in Canada since 2014. Our custom designs have sold in the thousands across North America in nearly every state and province. Everything we know about eBikes we owe to the thousands of conversations we’ve had with our customers, and the tens of thousands of miles we ride ourselves.

Our mission

Our latest designs represent the culmination of all those years of experience combined with major advances in eBike technology. The result is eBikes that go further on a charge than almost any other eBike, plus deliver an unparalleled riding experience thanks to our unique combination of performance, comfort, and utility.

DŌST Bikes - Sam Atakhanov

Sam Atakhanov

Founder, CEO

DŌST Bikes - Jason Atakhanov

Jason Atakhanov


DŌST Bikes - Gordon Lai

Gordon Lai

VP of Operations & CE

DŌST Bikes - Cory Leis

Cory Leis

Co-Director of Sustainability

DŌST Bikes - Steven Depret

Steven Depret

Product Support Specialist

DŌST Bikes - Dave Heighway

Dave Heighway

Co-Director of Sustainability

DŌST Bikes - Jenny


Customer Experience Specialist