Secondary Battery Kit


The secondary battery kit extends the range of your bike to 120 mi (180 km). Both the KOPE and the DROP eBikes can be upgraded to a Dual Battery System using this Secondary Battery Kit that comes with everything you need. It’s easy to install in just a few minutes using tools provided with your eBike and fits snuggly and securely to the downtube.

Like the main battery, the secondary battery is also a 48V Samsung but with slightly less capacity - 528 Wh (11 Ah) - putting the total battery storage capacity at a massive 1200 Wh (25 Ah). That’s enough power to travel up to 120 mi (180 km) on a single charge, and great to have any time you need to have lots of power: riding at high power assist levels; heavy use of the throttle; heavy loads; cargo hauling and riding up hills are all power-intensive and deplete the batteries more quickly.

Kit Includes

  • One 48V Samsung 528 Wh (11 Ah) li-ion battery
  • Aluminium slider cradle to attach the battery securely to water bottle bolts on the downtube
  • Durable carrying case for safe storage when not in use

Note: The kit does not include a charger. The secondary battery can be charged using the 48V, 2A charger supplied with your DŌST Bike. Charging both batteries at the same time requires a second charger sold separately.

Key Features

  • Battery can be charged on or off the bike
  • Secondary battery charges in 3-5 hours using the 48V, 2A charger supplied
  • Automatic battery balancing - In Dual Battery mode the two batteries will discharge at the same rate.
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