Big WhiteStep-Through Frame Electric Bike

Up to 180 km range

500W mid-drive + Throttle

48V 14 AH + 48V 10.4AH*

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Expected in 2023

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  • 2 years
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Award: Best Commuter 2020

Award: Class 3 Electric Bike of 2020

“Whether you’re bombing around town running errands or heading to the mountains for an epic ride with friends, you’ll go further, faster and with more comfort than anyone else on the road. Period.”

Court Rye, ElectricBikeReview.com

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Safety through

Thanks to the latest advancements in drivetrain technology - the Enviolo SP hub combined with the Gates Carbon Belt Drive - you’re able to shift seamlessly through an infinite number of ratios, even at a standstill, so you’re always in just the right gear. The shifting is complemented by an intuitive display so you can concentrate on what counts, whether that’s city traffic or mountain scenery.

Riding for all
to enjoy

This advanced CVT + Belt drivetrain has a long list of benefits that will appeal to many types of riders, not just those looking for simple operation and the safety that it brings. Lifelong riders will be seduced by the state-of-the-art engineering, whisper-quiet ride, and the end of greasy chains and dirty hands.

Ride in the perfect gear. always.

A simpler and safer riding experience thanks to a unique design that allows you to shift at a standstill, so you’re always in the right gear. With no internal gears, the Enviolo hub is capable of an infinite number of ratios (up to 380%) and smooth shifting that is unparalleled.

The simplest way to shift

DŌST CVT eBikes come with an intuitive display on the twist shifter. Shifting is as simple as adjusting the volume on a radio. The perfect fit for the rider focused on simplicity and comfort.

Outperform WITH A BELT Drive

DŌST’s belts are stronger than a chain thanks to the high tensile strength of the belt’s carbon strands, ideal for our high-torque mid-drive motor. Their lifespan is longer than chains because they don’t corrode and don’t wear from dirt and debris that abrades metal.

Goodbye maintenance

The Enviolo hub is completely sealed from the elements, ensuring years of maintenance-free riding. The Gates carbon belt requires no lubrication or maintenance, so it’s always silent – and your hands & pants stay clean.


Powerful Motor

Each DŌST is equipped with a high-performance 500W mid-drive motor to elevate the throttle and pedal assist with both satisfying high speeds and hill-climbing (120nM of torque) capabilities.

Dual Battery System

Eliminate range anxiety with the DŌST Optional Dual Battery System providing an overwhelming 180 km (120 mi) of range via the 25 Ah (1200 Wh) combined battery capacity.

Class 1, 2 or 3

DŌST allows you to dictate the best configuration for your riding style and environment with variable bike top speed and class layouts.


Upright Riding Position

Our Ergotech 60º angle adjustable stem can be finely tuned to your riding position to achieve a personally tailored and unique comfort.

Wide Comfy Saddle

The wide saddle will provide comfort and support for the entire adventure while the back was made with a convenient lifting handle for when the bike needs to be moved, loaded, or carted around.

Suspension fork

The comfortable absorbing fork comes with a sealed cartridge designed to require minimal service. This fork also features an accessible lockout to stiffen up the suspension and speed up your bike for when the riding is easy.


Integrated rear rack

The DŌST multi-purpose rear rack not only fits standard bicycle accessories like DŌST panniers & trunk bags, kid’s seats, trailers and more, but also reduces frame flex and includes an impressive 100lb payload capacity.

Integrated Lights

See and be seen with an always-on integrated LED Lezyne German StVZO 210 lumens optimized lens with both flood and long-range beams in the front with a wide light spread in the rear.

Puncture Resistant Tires

Meet the Schwalbe Super Moto X. Designed for both road and trail, this beefy and versatile tire provides comfort and grip while also including Kevlar reinforcement for fewer flats and a reflective sidewall for safety.

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DŌST Bikes is on Experify, a platform that connects you with people in your neighborhood who already own products you consider buying.

Complete your kit

SPUR Compact Bell


DŌST Versatile Trunk Bag


ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500


DŌST Waterproof Pannier


Fidlock Magnetic Waterbottle

$55 - $58

Your DŌST: Questions answered

How far can I go on a single charge?

Depending on your usage, while pedalling, you should expect up to 60 miles with the primary battery and up to a staggering 120 miles with the DŌST secondary battery system.

What’s the difference between the DROP and KOPE?

The two bikes are very similar and share the same parts and components. The KOPE is a slightly larger bike (19") and has the added classic top tube which offers extra frame rigidity which is ideal for more advanced trail riding. The DROP on the other hand is a smaller bike (17.5") and offers a very comfortable and ultra approachable step-thru frame. This bike is great for individuals who would like a bike that is easy to get on and off of.

Why is a mid-drive an upgrade compared to a hub-drive?

Generally speaking, mid-drive motors are ideal for riders who would like a more sophisticated drive system that works synergistically with the bike’s gears for higher efficiency especially when climbing hills. Additionally, mid-drives also have the advantage of the amount of torque which is how DŌST boasts an industry-leading 120nM of torque. This results in better range, more power, and easier serviceability.

Does this bike fit on a car rack?

This bike will fit on most platform-style racks as they are secured on the wheels. Racks from Thule such as the Easyfold XT and the T2 will work excellent as they are built to support the weight of electric bicycles.

What is the warranty on the bike?

We offer 2 years of warranty on our bikes from the time of delivery to your door!

How much does a DŌST bike weigh?

Our bikes weigh 55lbs with both batteries detached, 65lbs with 1 battery on and 75 with the dual battery setup.

With walk assist mode and the power of the motor, the bike will feel weightless most of the time! We also provide a power assist 0 which will allow you to ride the bike as if it were a regular 20lbs bike. For bike carriers, we recommend one with a ramp, the Thule EasyFold XT 2 on our accessories page is a fantastic carrier.

Where can I get the DŌST bike serviced or repaired?

The 3 main options we recommend to our customers are:

Our main partners, VeloFix, are one of the biggest (mobile) bike repair companies in North America, they can help you out with anything you may need! (Provided they’re available in your area)

Video calling our technician is also a great option! We have 99% of the bike parts here in our warehouse, as well as an in-house technician who can help you with any issues you’re facing.

Many bike shops can help you out when it comes to regular bike servicing and non-electric stuff, you’ll just have to call them in advance and let them know it’s an eBike!