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Designed in Canada

DŌST Bikes are the 6th generation of eBikes designed by our team in British Columbia, Canada using processes we’ve been perfecting since 2014.

From the first pencil sketches to the advanced 3D modelling, DŌST Bikes come to life right here in BC, ready to be prototyped at the factory and tested. And tested. And tested some more.

World-Class Partners

Building quality eBikes that last for years is the bedrock of our philosophy as a bike company, and that’s why we’re proud that DŌST Bikes are built with components from some of the biggest names in the industry - Shimano, Bafang, Samsung, Schwalbe - at world-class production facilities in Taiwan. In fact, we’re so committed to delivering quality that we spend several weeks there each year, on the ground, ensuring the smooth production of current models and testing next-generation technologies for new designs.

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Continuing Innovation

We don’t just love designing great eBikes, we love riding them too. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can bet we’re out there riding 365 days a year, logging 1000’s of miles, working on new designs, and pushing the boundaries of what a bicycle can do. It’s through innovation that we can continually improve the riding experience and get more people riding.