January 22, 2021

Why do they honk

I ride my bike all over. Unlike some people, I live in the city and surprisingly work in the suburbs. I can’t tell you how much the DŌST has done for me.

My 11-mile commute used to be by car. I was stuck in traffic forever, once in the morning going to work, and again at night coming home. I would listen to talk radio. They seemed to be intent on blaring their opinion loudly, sharing their shock and disgust of this or that or whatever the flavour of the day was. Suddenly, we would be at a stand-still. Traffic wouldn’t budge an inch. The radio would interrupt to tell me there was an accident. My smartphone and it’s stressful and often un-read notifications would ping me. I used to think that knowledge was power, but when I see the never-ending red line on my GPS map, telling me it lasts for another 8 miles, the only power I felt was anger.

Top that off with finally getting home and you realize your food is cold (either your family made it earlier, or you went through a drive-thru that took too long). You thought you might have an hour or two to do your thing before bedtime. Nope, your usual checklist of life just had a new thing spring up that needs doing. Looks like you will forego that rest and relaxation you were wanting to get to. Now you only have time to watch a tiny bit of news, and it’s all bad.

Wow, how things have changed. With my bike, I zip in and out of traffic in the city and take the nice country road in the suburbs. I get to listen to the music I want, I get to be out in the fresh air, and most of all, stress is a ghost. A ghost that doesn’t haunt me at all anymore. He stopped coming around ever since I got my DŌST, and instead, my moods have been replaced with happiness and positivity. When the demand hits my inbox at work, or that checklist we talked about at home comes up, I smile and hop to it, without any reservations. The mood is set, and the challenges become small and get completed much quicker.

It is amazing what you can do by starting off on the right foot. And my DŌST has done that for me. My perspective has changed so much. I don’t understand why I didn’t do this earlier.

On my happy way home one night, I was riding comfortably in my bike lane. This big truck honked at me. They swerved towards me with the windows rolled down. I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. He was angry. I was safely in my bike lane, following all the rules, moving along. I couldn’t understand why on earth he was upset or what it was. I assessed myself and riding, scanning over every little thing I did to make sure I didn’t offend another vehicle.

Then it hit me. He was mad at the world, just like I used to be. Thank you DŌST, for getting me out of the negative, and into the positive light.