June 22, 2021

Why are some e-bikes so cheap while others so expensive?

So, maybe you have been around an industry or hobby for a long time. Let’s take jewelry for example. Pretend you have been into the community for a very long time. You know what is a good deal, what is a rip off, and most importantly, you know exactly the tips, tricks, and crucial information you need to make a well informed purchasing decision.


But now you are in a new world. A little out of your element. You are learning all you can about ebikes to make an informed decision. But deep down you know, you are nowhere near as versed in ebikes as you are in jewelry, and it would take years to acquire that knowledge and know how to make the perfect choice.


Well, there is some great news. If you found DŌST, then you have come to the perfect place for both information and for a trusted choice in product. But before we get into that, let’s talk about what factors go into ebike pricing.


A cheap ebike

A cheaper ebike will likely get to that price point by cutting costs and corners where they can. And there can be a TON of areas to cut. Comfort, safety, ease of use, performance, and serviceability typically are the major areas effected. For example, the manufacture may skimp on the breaks and go for a no-name brand. These brakes may lack sufficient technology or quality. The end result is that you get something that is fine for a couple rides down the block, but ultimately lack the stopping power and serviceability you are used to on a decent bicycle. Another common corner cut is using generic batteries. Most of the better ebike brands will use LG, Samsung, or other brand name batteries like Panasonic. These ensure you battery will have the power, duration, and over all battery life you desire.


An expensive ebike

Obviously, this is living life on the opposite end of the scale. There is such a thing as too much bicycle that you may never get a chance to use to its full potential. Expensive parts are usually things like extreme shock forks, built for a down-hill mountain race course and speed the average rider will likely never attain. Similar expensive components that can get extreme would be derailleurs, shifting mechanisms, proprietary motors and batteries, frame material, and brakes. Eventually, you wind up with an ebike that you over-pay for and never get to fully enjoy. Similar to having a brand new Porsche, but becoming growingly frustrated as you only use it in bumper to bumper traffic, hauling kids and groceries.


The DŌST ebike

This is where DŌST comes in handy. We are a company where every single one of us is an ebike enthusiast. We know what matters and what doesn’t. Our DŌST bikes were designed from head to toe to give you the most bang for the buck. We use brand name components, quality materials, and the upgrades and comfort that make the extra mile your favorite part. Lean on our expertise to make your choice, or even reach out to us with technical questions. We promise after all the research, you will see that DŌST has found that perfect balance between performance, comfort, and safety while maintaining incredible value.