March 29, 2020

When should I take my DOST Bike to see the bike doctor?

Like so many other things, your DOST bike will eventually wear down and will require a tune-up to ensure the performance, comfort and utility which your bike provides. After a while of trekking, your brake pads will thin out, your tires will wear down and the chain will lose its lubrication. How often you should take your bike for a check-up heavily depends on how the bike is ridden, where it is ridden and by whom it is ridden by. As a general tip, we suggest that you get the bike checked up every 6 months or every 1,000 miles ridden. 

Where do I service the bike?

DOST will remain committed to you after the purchase. Servicing a bike can be a headache, and we want to make the experience as simple as possible. We will work with any bike shop of your choice to make sure that your DOST bike remains in tip-top shape. Simply go to your local bike shop and mention that you need your bike serviced. We will work with the bike shop to troubleshoot your bike and provide the parts if necessary for repair.

What is covered by DOST?

As you already know, your DOST bike is covered under a 2-year warranty. This covers all manufacturing defects applied to the original owner of the bike. Upon purchase of your bike, DOST will also cover any assembly costs that you may stumble upon. Although our bikes come 95% assembled, you may choose to take your bike to your local bike shop for final installation. 
Periodic maintenance is NOT covered under your warranty and entails the following:

  • shifter cable stretch, derailleur adjustments
  • brake-pad replacement,
  • tire replacement and 
  • chain lubrication