February 25, 2021

What's in a name

You may or may not have heard about the naming convention for the DŌST ebike. If we translate the DŌST company name, it has the meaning of ‘friend’ in the Uzbek language. This naming is far more important than just coming up with a catchy name. As a matter of fact, it has more to do with a vision and a promise the DŌST company fuels with each and every bicycle that reaches the hands of its’ customers. 
DŌST is both a family and employee company. Sam Atakhanov, the founder, was a young entrepreneur lending his skills to ebike companies like Surface 604 and Biktrix. As a passionate ebike enthusiast himself, he spent years in the ebike world. Here he began learning and researching what it is customers actually want and what it is that can be delivered upon. 
In 2019, he started the DŌST company with a handful of friends and family that each had specific and qualified skills as well as years of experience to bring to the table. DŌST was a culmination of the best customer service professionals, the best web designers, the best fabricators, etc… the list goes on and on. 
What really makes this all especially interesting is that this was done in no way to boast or to fill an ego. This was done specifically for the customer and their experience. That has always been the design and vision for DŌST. With a company full of qualified individuals committed to an environment of comfort and trust, it is no wonder the name became DŌST. 
This of course, translates into the bike itself as well. How can a machine be a friend you might ask? Well the DŌST ebike can get you places. Places you have never been or old, familiar, and cozy places. It can begin your adventure or ride you out of harms way. It can be relied on in many aspects. Aspects such as range, power, capability, reliability, and many others. A friend like your DŌST bike might carry your groceries home with you, keep you dry by protecting your pants with a fender, or even let you charge a device through the USB port. 
A name like DŌST also has to be in the bikes name, no matter which model you have. For example, at the moment, we have the DŌST Drop and DŌST Kope. But as the years go on and DŌST keeps making new bikes, all the new models must cary that DŌST name with them as well. 
Perhaps now you can start to see why that name is so important and why it carries the very meaning of the entire customer process from start to finish. At DŌST, you will be welcomed as a friend, in the sales process, you will be guided as a friend. In delivery, you will be updated as a friend, and when you finally get your bike, you will have gained many friends, including the very special bicycle. That is our promise to you.