February 4, 2021

What to do when you get a flat

Now, before I dig into this posting, I should reiterate that this is a look into what you can do if you get a flat tire on your journey and you are unable to fix the flat. This is not a guide on how to fix a flat tire. 
That being said, it happens. It can happen a lot too. If you commute with your bike, you likely ride on trails, in bike lanes, or the shoulder of a road. All three of these can be less than ideal for a smooth ride. The shoulder and bike lanes often have debris that was pushed to the side from cars, putting you right in the center of that rubble and increasing your chance for a flat tire. Similarly, on the trails, there are all sorts of weeds, goat-heads, rocks, and even sometimes glass or litter to traverse. To put it bluntly, we are in the danger zone for flat tires on almost any direction we choose. 
Thankfully, DŌST equips all models with puncture protective tires. The Schwalbe Super Moto X has Kevlar reinforcement, which means a lot less flats. 
But lets say you do get one and you have no means to fix the flat on you. What are your options?
  1. You could call friends or family: Most of us have a cell phone on us at all times, see if you can call someone to come pick you and your bike up. Since your DŌST bike has a quick release axel on both the front and back tires, you can easily remove the wheels to pack the bike up into a car trunk or back seat even. Do not squeeze the brake handles once the tire is off. This causes the caliper to close on nothing, which would result in brakes out of line when you put the tire back on.
  2. You could wait for other riders: Often if you are on a trail or in a bike lane, there is a chance that another rider will come through sooner or later. Similar to asking a stranger to help you jump your car battery, it is not uncommon for a bicycle rider to stop and help a fellow rider. This cyclist may have a flat fixing kit, or even someone they can count on to come help you out. Don’t be afraid to be friendly and ask for a little help.
  3. See if you are close to a bike shop: Again, if you have a cell phone handy this one may be an option. If you don’t have a cell phone, maybe you know the area well enough to plot a course to the nearest bicycle shop. Either way, they can help you fix the flat and be on your way to your destination. When walking it to a bike shop, you can use the walk mode feature we talk about in the next choice.
  4. Walk it home: This typically can be the least desired option, mostly if you are way out from home or your destination. Nobody likes to take a long arduous trek back to the starting point, especially with a heavy ebike. But not all hope is lost, your DŌST bike has a walk mode feature that does much of the work for you! The walk mode pushes the bike along electrically at a comfortable walking pace. All you have to do is walk along side it helping the handlebars stay straight.
Well, there you have it! Obviously, the best solution is to have the means and knowledge to fix the flat with you, this is something we will cover in a DŌST Garage video as well, so make sure to check it out when you can. Happy trails!