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March 18, 2021

Video Call

The global pandemic has changed the world a lot in many ways. Masks, distancing, increased hygiene, and even working from home have all become common place in this day and age. Currently, the COVID numbers are decreasing and restrictions are being lifted in certain areas.


While many of us are eager to get back to some form of normal, it can’t be helped but realize what lessons the pandemic may have taught us and what aspects we may keep going forward.


Enter the 1-on-1 video call from DŌST bikes. Since many bicycle shops around North America had to close down, as well as our own showroom, there was no way to really check out the bikes in person and up close. Even socializing enough with associates to get your questions and concerns answered was downright impossible. Since the pandemic taught us all how to properly use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and other video call platforms, DŌST had the idea to turn their showroom into a personal video call to get all your questions answered.


This idea has proved very fruitful, already many have been able to get up close with the bike and an associate to go over the finer details that make DŌST so special. After all, researching is essential to any product, especially one you may be buying online. This eases that burden significantly.


Imagine this: you are researching between several ebikes. You have read all the specs and details. You have cross compared benefits and price. But what you really want to know is how significant the travel is in the suspension. Maybe you will be riding on some bumpy roads and this is important to you. Sure, you know the specs of the travel distance, but you want to see the shocks do their thing in action to see the quality of the travel and distance visually.


Or maybe you are experiencing some squeaky brakes on your DŌST after a significantly wet ride. The sound is annoying and you want to know how you can get rid of it. After reading online, you find multiple solutions and you want to know which one would be best for your DŌST.


Even if you just got your DŌST delivered and you begin to set it up, maybe you want some guidance to make sure everything is setup perfectly for your ride and needs.


The DŌST 1-on-1 video call is designed to help with all of that. Getting the direct information relative to your life and needs while also letting you see the bike up close. DŌST 1-on-1 video calls are taken by appointment with a calendar that lets you find openings and book the best time for you. Appointments can last up to 45 minutes and typically cover either showroom questions and sales, or bicycle help for dialing in the DŌST you already have. This can be found on the main DŌST page or by clicking this link: https://dostbikes.com/showroom


Book yours today and get familiar with your new favorite ebike!