June 10, 2021


We have talked about it before, how getting out and exercising can be great for the mind, body, and soul. We have even touched on how ebike riding can be beneficial for physical recovery and therapy with joint problems. But rather than just touch, I wanted to go a little deeper and share a personal story on my recovery thanks to a DŌST bike and how it can help you.


I was an incredibly active individual. I say incredibly because I would engage in high cardio and limb extending dancing and acrobatics for 3 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week. My physical fitness was part of my 15 year profession. One day however, I started getting pains in the trochanteric areas of my hips. What I thought was simple hip bursitis became something totally different over time. A complete breakdown and degeneration of my muscle tissue ensued. I was soon unable to run, or even walk. Limping and chronic pain became the theme of my life for the next 5 years. One surgery after another was elected to see if there was a way to help me out. Unfortunately, the surgeries did little other than scar my already sensitive tissue.


After countless second opinions, it became clear. This would be my cross to bear for the rest of my life. It was very difficult for me to go from such an active, extroverted individual to a sedentary and reclusive person. The doctors had given up and sent me to a pain specialist to go stand in line for opioids or addictive substances.


Countless hours of physical therapy were under my belt and I was still trying different things out in some hope that I could find a more holistic approach. A new therapist suggested I try some sort of assisted bicycle. “Like an electric bike?” I said. “Yep, an electric bicycle would be perfect. It would get the joints fluid and moving. Strengthen the areas around the hips while at the same time having the pedal pressure dialed in perfectly to maintain mobility and power.”


Fast forward to me riding my DŌST. It was difficult at first. Especially getting off of the bike. But over time, slowly, my legs and hips got stronger and stronger. My daily pain went from a 5 or 6 down to a 2. I still may never be able to do a back-flip again or run 6 miles. My tissue is still deteriorating. However, I have significantly slowed the process while increasing my ability to live a somewhat normal life. I now go for walks with my wife, play with the dog, and even do some yard work around the house.


So take it from me, a DŌST can get you back on track if you stick with it. Knee problems, hip problems, ankle problems, the list goes on and on. You would be surprised what it can do for you. Consult with your physical therapist and/or doctor to see how a DŌST can help you. It changed my life and it can change yours too.