January 19, 2021


When I was young, I remember riding up and down and all around my neighbourhood on my bike. I didn’t really care what the terrain was like. I was on everything from roads to dirt trails… sidewalks to construction sites… gravel and slick surfaces.

The same probably goes for you too. I mean, our bikes were our outlet to the world, a tool for exploring as well as transportation from A to B. It is easy to look back and think that we had it all, but some things change… and some change for the better.

The bike itself has gained a lot of technology over the years that have made the ride better. Seats are more comfortable, gearing and gear changes are welcome and smooth. Brakes sure are a heck of a lot better, and even my suspension on my DŌST keeps the bumps feeling like they weren’t even there in the first place. Well… and then… there is the whole electric thing. You know, just another small added bonus that launches the bike into the modern century and keeps the smile on your face.

But today, I want to talk a bit about a little thing that makes a big difference. And that is a rearview mirror.

Maybe, like me, you never had one on your bike as a kid. So why would you want one now? Well, there is a wealth of safety and security it adds, and as we will get into it as well, it even provides comfort.

Roads have changed a lot since I was younger. We now have verified bicycle lanes in most cities, clearly marked shoulders on the road, as well as rules and laws in place to keep us safe. The perfect compliment to that is the rearview mirror.

As adults, we may find ourselves riding around in traffic more and more. Cities are busier, cars are quieter (electric), and we find ourselves competing for space a little more often. So, of course, you might notice that a mirror will help you glance quickly before making turns, getting in and out of your lane, or really nice just to have at all.

But DŌST makes an interesting point on the website. The mirror accessory page talks about comfort. When I was young, riding my bike around, I would snap my neck with… well… breakneck speed! I would check around me to the left, then the right, and back to the left again like my head was spinning! Today? Well, not so much. You see, having a mirror can offer comfort in the sense that you don’t need to give yourself whiplash each time you want to survey the surroundings.

This could look like a shameless plug to get accessory sales, but the truth really is there. If you are thinking “Oh, I don’t know if I need one, I never had one before…” Just do yourself a favour and whip your head around as I did! I learned really quickly I don’t want to do that all the time! And if you are in great shape, I would recommend one anyway. The last thing you want in certain situations is to take your eyes off the road for even a second. Safety, comfort, convenience, it ticks all three and is well worth it in this rider’s opinion.