November 14, 2020


To some people, a bike is a bike. It’s got tires, a seat, some handlebars, and pedals. What more could you want? Well, the devil is in the details, or rather, in the case of the DŌST, the angel is in the details!

For example, look closer at the kickstand. Notice how it is positioned in the rear of the bike while others will sometimes place it under the pedals? DŌST has done this on purpose. Let’s say you are in the garage and your bike is in the way of some boxes you need to get to. If your bike has the kickstand beneath the pedals, and you begin to push it along, after about half a rotation or less of the tire, the kickstand will come in contact with the pedal arm. After this, it won’t budge if you continually push it. You will have to rotate the pedals backwards and then stow the kickstand. Lucky for us, with a DŌST bike, the kickstand will never get in the way to alleviate this problem. 

Also, check out the seat handle on the rear of the seat. This is a handy way to grab hold of your bike if you need to move it in another manner than just a simple push along with the wheels. One of my favorite uses for the handle is lifting it to get it on a bicycle rack. And believe me, it is far easier with the handle! 

That handle also kind of comes in handy for the next detail, the walk mode! Walk mode lets you electronically engage the motor at a slow, walkable pace. Just a month ago, I was on a trail when suddenly my tire popped from a nasty thorn right on the sidewall. Ebikes can be a little heavier, so it was nice to engage walk mode and push it along as I made my way back to the car. When you have both hands on the handlebar while standing on one side, the pedals get close to you and strike your leg. With that handle on the back of the seat, you can put one hand there and one on the nearest part of the handlebar and walk it along without any rubbing!

And how about those lights on the front and back? The little detail here is that they are internally routed to the battery (or batteries) of your DŌST. This means they never need to be charged or removed. That’s right, no more disposable batteries to replace! Just let them run off your supplied battery and they will keep you visible and safe!

Fenders are another thing a lot of companies skimp on, but on the DŌST, they are prominent on both the front and back. They cover the wide, thick, and robust tires well. This is great for keeping you dry from going over puddles or even mud! These are made out of durable plastic, so you don’t get the creaking, squeaking, or rust that you might get on a steel fender.  

There are other minute details to cover as well. We will continue in another blog post soon. But rest assured, DŌST was tailored down to the detail to give you an amazing ride experience from head to toe!