October 21, 2020


You will hear me say this a lot for context, so here it goes. I was a DŌST customer before I began writing for DŌST. That being said, I know what it is like to survey the ebike market and hope to find a perfect fit. I am not exaggerating in any way when I say DŌST, like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, fits just right.

A big part of that is the optional secondary battery system. For months I struggled with the concept of “range anxiety” and how much juice I really need. I remember an e-bike salesman back when I first started looking around a few years ago saying “This will do 30 miles on a single charge. I don’t know anybody that wants to sit on a bicycle seat more than 30 miles!” The comment was funny and somewhat correct. However, that didn’t quite put me at ease. What if I forgot to charge it? What if the weather or storage had effected the output of the battery? What if I used all the available power for other features like the integrated lights or USB charging?

Now, if you fall into the first category of people that use your DŌST ebike leisurely, can relate to the salesman entertaining comment of bicycle seats, and can benefit from the savings of the single battery, please, by all means, ride on and have a blast! But if you had reservations like myself, continue to read on.

So around the same time, I kept seeing these Riese and Muller bikes with dual battery systems. While I was excited to see their offerings and progress in the ebike world, it was missing a couple of benefits for me. Through my research, I learned that the battery is actually the single most expensive component of an ebike. But the cost was a major barrier for me. Surely as technology improves, the cost should come down, right? Or did I really want to spend that much just to ease my anxiety? Additionally, there was no throttle. DŌST proved my theories correct when they released their reasonably priced bikes with an optional dual battery system.

Most dual battery systems bikes make you decide the very moment you purchase the bike if you want that option or not. With DŌST, you can always add it later if you find yourself using the bike more than you thought (and believe me, you will!). Additionally, installation was literally easier than turning on my computer! I was afraid I would have to take it to a bike shop and have them work on it if I chose the secondary system later. Nope! All you have to do is screw it into the frame with a tool and plug it in to the slot! Like the manual says, simple as 1,2,3!

The secondary battery has been great whether I chose to go on a long weekend ride or let the family use it without having to worry about charging it all the time. What a killer system, way to go, DŌST!