February 11, 2021

Say no to pedal lock

You may or may not have heard of the term pedal lock. I think the first time I ever heard of it was on an Electric Bike Review YouTube video a couple of years ago. But just because I only heard of it a couple of years ago, does not mean that I hadn’t ever experienced it. As a matter of fact, I probably experienced it decades ago. 
For those that are unaware, the term pedal lock refers to an occurrence that happens when you are walking your bike around (maybe in a garage or to move it out of the way of an obstacle) and the pedals rotate while you walk, eventually causing the crank arm of the pedals to strike the kickstand, preventing movement in a given direction. So basically that moment when you are walking your bike and in the beginning it suddenly locks up because the pedal arm is blocked by the kickstand. 
When that happens, most of us look down at the bike, probably thinking “Come on! Move!”. Then we have that sudden realization of why it won’t move anymore. You can bet, when it does happen, most of us also are a bit frustrated. We then began to walk it in the opposite direction just so we can stow the kickstand up and try not to feel a little foolish. 
So are there any other options? Well, yes. You could remove your kickstand entirely and then pay for a bike stand. But who wants to spend extra money and carry around an extra accessory just to keep your bike from falling over?

Well thankfully, there is another option. And instead of making it your own personal responsibility and/or failure, DŌST has gone the extra mile and shouldered the burden. Both the DŌST Drop and Kope models have placed the kickstand at the rear, far enough from the pedals to completely eliminate any chance of pedal lock for good. 
Is it safe to have the kickstand back there? What if I was carrying a load on the back and I need to park the bike? Not to worry, this was all foreseen in the design phase. DŌST has chosen to use a heavy duty aluminum kickstand with a nice and wide foot. This, as well as the purpose mounted area, provide excellent balance and stability. They even designed the kickstand to be fully adjustable so that if needed, you can change the center of balance that best fits you and your DŌST.
So now that you know what pedal lock is, and that you will never experience it with a DŌST, all that is left is to go about your business moving your bike as you please. I guess it is just one of those thoughtful design features that may go unnoticed by the majority of us. But, since you know anyway, just remember, you now have bragging rights the next time someone tries to move a bike around you and theirs gets jammed up. Just make sure to take it easy on them when you chuckle.