June 24, 2021

Reasons to ride

Maybe you are behind a desk like I am at the moment. Scrolling through social media, clicking the little ‘x’ on ads to close them, or maybe going through your email. My wife stopped me the other day. It was early in the evening and the sun was out and the weather was great. “Why don’t we go for a bike ride?” A simple question, but I had to hesitate. I was tired, I was in the middle of something (which was likely nothing), and most of all, I was lazy.


I paused for a moment and I realized; riding a bike with my wife was likely a way better choice than I realized. I would have continued in a half daze, droning online reading and clicking things that would give me a brief chuckle or insight into someone else’s life. The reality is, none of that is productive or beneficial to us in any way, shape, or form.


I quickly put my shoes on and we set off on our way. During the ride, I felt that I had been slipping. I am a little out of breath and out of shape. The exercise did me well, and it is defiantly needed this day and age. Between getting older, COVID, and personal health in general, getting on a bicycle can be just what the doctor ordered. The sunlight and vitamin D alone are magnificent for your health and immune system. And the steady pedaling kept my cardiovascular health right where it should be.


On a slight downhill, we took a break and coasted and looked at each other with a big smile. This was so much fun! The wind felt great and the speed was exhilarating. As we poised for our next section, my wife asked me if I wanted to race. Who am I to turn down some healthy competition? We set off as best we could and laughed as we took turns over-taking each other. It was so much fun, and far better than just sitting somewhere.


On our way around the bend, heading home, we ran into our neighbor and his small family, all on bicycles. They gushed over our DŌST bikes and asked us questions about them. Well, I am a bit of an evangelical DŌST owner, so I let the dad try out my bike. He zoomed around up and down the street with a large smile. “You realize, I will have to get one of these now!!” He said as he sped by. I replied in a shout: “You won’t regret it, I promise!” We also had a moment to chat and catch up with them and see how things are going for them during this pandemic.


As I rode home, I thought of all the sitting and mindless web surfing I usually do in the early evening. I realized that riding is far more preferable. I got a workout, Why do I ride?; you ask? I ride for health, fun, and community.