June 20, 2022

Questions about DŌST?

Hi there,

I decided to start DŌST because I saw ebikes as an inclusive way for all people to enjoy riding without having to worry about common barriers that can come with steep terrain, injuries, varying fitness levels, distance, or age.

Further to that, I saw DŌST as a way to help propel the movement towards more sustainable modes of transport for all.

Whether you are considering a DŌST bike primarily to commute, explore, get fit, or all of the above, DŌST is here to help you with your goals.

We recently launched an innovative platform on our site that allows you to connect directly to our passionate community of DŌST owners who are ready to help answer any and all questions you might have about purchasing and using a DŌST bike. They are 100% independent so you’ll know they are giving you just the cold hard facts.

We hope you enjoy connecting with a DŌST owner and maybe even meeting a friend you might not have otherwise!

Happy Riding!