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March 10, 2021

Objects may appear closer

We all know the phrase. In fact, maybe you remember rock musician Meat Loaf once made a song out of the entire warning. I can just hear him now singing “Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are”.


Well, what better time to talk about the DŌST Rearview Mirror accessory. I don’t know about you, but when I got my DŌST, this was the first thing I put in the cart afterward. Kind of like a helmet, it seemed like more of a necessity to me than just a frivolous add-on.


First off, I want to get the price and the looks out of the way. So for those that don’t know, this retails for $79 and was designed specifically for the DŌST ebikes. The mirror has an aesthetic that matches that of the rest of the bike design quite well. It definitely maintains the striking design language we all know and love. Additionally, the hexagonal shape also allows for an expanded viewing range where it counts, right in the center.


As someone who has been on two wheels since before they can remember (seriously, I don’t remember even learning how to ride a bicycle), I have had my share of mirrors and there is a difference in quality between cheap mirrors and nice mirrors. That difference can effect your sanity, trust me. I bought a used bike once with some cheap add-on mirrors. The entire mirror glass would shake so violently, that I could never keep an actual eye on what was behind me. This is common too on decent mirrors if you don’t tighten them down securely enough, so do make sure to keep it grounded on the handlebars nice and firmly.


Once the mirror is on and looking good, here are a few tips for using it while riding:


  • Make sure to adjust it to the proper viewing angle before riding
  • Use your mirror to quickly see if anything is behind you without turning your head and taking your eyes off the road ahead.
  • It is okay to turn your head to look over your shoulder quickly if you are unsure where the obstacles may be.
  • If you have an injury or stiffness in your next, feel free to rely soly on the mirror for your riding awareness.


If you are a commuter on your ebike, you probably already figure this accessory is a must have. And for all you leisure riders and trail riders, it works great too! Many times I have been on a bike trail or path enjoying my ride when someone wishing to get somewhere in a hurry speeds up behind me. The rearview mirror is a fantastic way to check behind me and see which side of the trail or path I need to move over to so I can make way for other riders.


Check out the DŌST Rearview Mirror in the store today and make sure to add it to your bike: