January 12, 2021


Oh boy… it sure is that time of year again. Time for the New Years’ resolutions to begin! I bet you can tell where I am going with this one… Everyone ride your DŌST and shed the holiday weight. Right?

I guess, in a nutshell, that is what I am advocating for. But it goes a lot deeper than that. Let’s see what makes this post unique, starting with the year 2020.

Last year has been crazy. Covid has been a huge factor and changed our lives in ways we can’t imagine. Sometimes, I watch a movie at home and I think “How come everybody in the movie is standing so close? Where are their masks?!”

It has done two different things to us. It makes us want to get out of the house more, and when we are in the house, it makes us want to eat more. Why is that? Well, the first one is somewhat easy. We long for days of being social, so we want to leave the house. We get sick of sitting around, so we want to leave the house, and, of course, we want an excuse to do something.

Now the second point is a little more psychological. For one, many of us eat emotionally. Being stuck inside, not being able to see friends or loved ones, and worrying about a virus that is potentially lethal has caused many of us to eat out of stress or emotion. And I don’t blame us one bit. I am pretty sure this holiday season, I have eaten far more than I ever did years before.

Multiply that with the fact that we are all sitting down glued to movies, browsing, online shopping, Facebook, etc. It just means so much more sitting than usual.

So Covid has taught us that we yearn to go outside and that we can gain weight by sitting. It is here now that I mention the DŌST bike.

But this is really where it gets good. Because instead of saying let’s all go join a gym and do a boot camp style fitness program that puts us in misery, we are saying, let’s go ride our bikes and have fun.

There are some that incorrectly assume that you don’t exercise when you ride an ebike. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, we have a throttle, but very very very few times statistically do we use it 100% of a given ride. The statistics actually show that we stay on our bikes longer and pedal more than a typical cyclist, generally because we get to explore further and are having more fun.

We all know that this is the year our personal health has come into question more than maybe before. Those in poor shape or with underlying conditions are more likely to feel the stronger arm of the Covid virus.

We should do ourselves the favour of getting out there, having fun, and physically surpassing our depressed state. If we create a routine of it, it just maybe what we need to sit less, get out more, and keep stress eating at bay.

Considering all of this, with a focused purpose more than ever before, I wish you a sincerely happy and genuinely healthy 2021.