November 11, 2020


I remember in 2016, I rode my first ebike. I was so enthralled with the ride that I decided I would commute all spring and summer using only an ebike. My commute was about 25 miles round trip. Something that would take all day on a conventional bike, but took me about 30 minutes each way. The ride was thrilling, surprised that I could go so fast and still get some exercise in as well if I chose to do so. My job was casual, so I could get as sweaty as I want, or use the throttle if I had to be more presentable for a meeting. 

Like getting a new car or other modes of transportation, the honeymoon phase wears off after a few months and when you get ready to head out the door for work, your mind is more on the clock and maybe a quick breakfast than it is on the journey. 

During these rides, I would take a pretty safe back street with little to no traffic. 30 minutes would go by slowly, the scenery became more familiar and really, like all commuting, started to feel a little bit more like a chore. 

What should I do to lighten up the commute? Should I take another route? Maybe not… all the other routes are filled with cars and there is always that chance that the car won’t see you or pay attention, especially since they are worried about their coffee and beating the clock as well. 

I decided to bring some headphones with me. Some earbuds that could stay in my ear and plug into my phone to listen to my music collection. However, this may not have been the best decision. The wire got in the way quite a bit. On some rides, it would pop straight out of the phone after getting snagged on the handlebar or my arm or something. 

On top of this, the buds were so jammed into my ear, that I had trouble hearing the sites and sounds around me to keep me alert and safe as a rider. 

I knew there had to be another way, so I started researching other options. As I was looking at some Sony headphones, I read up on noise cancelling. The noise-cancelling uses a technology built into the headphones to block out surround noise. Definitely, the opposite I was looking for. However, using that technology, there is a way to reverse it to keep ambient sound around you clear. 

I found some headphones I liked and set it to ‘ambient sound on’. Soon I was jamming to my favourite tunes and my ride became exciting all over again. There is nothing like a power ballad when you’re at full speed or a nice relaxing song to de-stress you on the ride back home after work. When you have a nice DŌST bike, great weather, fresh air, sunshine, music,  speed, control, and safety… there is nothing that can stop you!