November 28, 2019


The DŌST Bike Formula – Performance, Comfort and Utility

Over the many years, we’ve been in the business of designing and building eBikes, we’ve had the opportunity to hear from thousands of riders and would-be riders from all across North America. We kept hearing the same concerns again and again, and we just didn’t see any bike that ‘ticked all the boxes’ as they say. That’s the reason we started DŌST Bikes and that’s why we’ve designed our bikes the way we have.

For us, there’s no one magic ingredient that creates the ‘experience of freedom’ that an eBike can deliver, it’s more like a formula that we’ve distilled over years of research, design and listening to customers. Performance, comfort and utility…these are the design elements that create the ideal eBike.

The Bafang 750W Mid-Drive – Eye-Watering Performance

The Bafang 750W Mid-Drive

Mid-drive technology has greatly improved in recent years and they’ve been steadily growing in popularity as people become more willing to spend more money to get a higher quality, higher performance bike. However, not all mid-drive motors are created equal. There are several manufacturers of mid-drives, the most popular being Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha and Brose. These typically use a 36V battery (compared with 48V) with power output usually limited to 250 to 500W, and torque ratings of 60 to 80 ft/lb, reflective of European regulations. Here’s a great comparison of all the mid-drive motors on – things have changed a little since it was written but it’s still a great resource if you’d like to do some more research.

The Bafang 750W Mid-Drive

Perhaps most importantly, none of these motors are equipped with a throttle, something that many, many of our North American customers want. In our experience, it’s virtually impossible to have a sweat-free ride one these bikes if you’re going up hills or carrying cargo or racing to get to work on time. But we’ll be doing a deep dive into the benefits of throttles and the different Pedal Assist Systems (PAS) in a future post.

Now let’s look more closely at the Bafang BBS02 mid-drive motor that powers DŌST Bikes. We love this motor for a whole bunch of reasons:

  • It’s unbelievably powerful – At 750W (500W in Canada) this is the maximum allowable power rating for a street-legal bike. It’s fast off the line and quickly hits 28 mph (45 km/h in Canada), or faster if you’re going off-road. (riders must obey traffic laws in their jurisdiction)
  • It puts out a ridiculous amount of torque – 120 ft/lb to be exact. With that kind of torque you don’t just ride up a hill, you accelerate up hills. Also great for carrying cargo. In many ways, the torque rating is a more meaningful rating than power. If you want a very detailed explanation, here’s an excellent link from our friends at, pioneers and Guru’s of the eBiking industry.
  • It has a throttle so you don’t have to pedal if you don’t want to. In our experience not pedalling is the best guarantee against sweating.
  • Uses a shift sensor that briefly interrupts the power when you shift gears. This makes for smooth shifting every time and a longer-lasting drivetrain.
  • It’s completely rebuildable – Unlike most motors that can only be repaired by licensed technicians, the Bafang mid-drive is designed to be rebuilt with fairly basic skills and tools. We’ll be linking to some great tutorials and we’ll also be selling all the spare parts you need to rebuild the motor (after a few thousand miles of course).
  • Instant programming – The Bafang motor settings can be changed in seconds right on the display. Some mid-drives don’t allow you to change basic settings like maximum speed, even dealers are not permitted to make changes that can give you more power.
  • It’s nearly indestructible – Honestly, we’ve tried our very best to find the breaking point of the Bafang BBS02. In fact, we’ve got an upcoming blog post on some testing we did on one of the world’s longest, steepest, most infamous climbs in the world. Spoiler alert: we still couldn’t get it to fail.
  • Worry-free warranty – Every bike is covered under our manufacturer’s two-year limited warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects. DŌST Bikes warrants this product, including all individual components, against defects in material or workmanship.

We hope this helps you understand more about eBike motors and our design philosophy at DŌST Bikes. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at