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March 11, 2021

Long range

Let’s talk about range anxiety for a minute. Ever heard the term? It is somewhat new, but has been around at least a few years now. Basically, “range anxiety” is the effect of driving or riding an electric vehicle and not being sure if the proposed range is enough to get you safely home or not.


When Tesla began to get into the electric car market, many wondered how far a single charge on the battery would take them. There were a lot of competitors too, like the Nissan Leaf for example. While the Tesla was getting somewhere between 200-300 miles on a single charge, the Leaf was getting 70-100 miles (both depending on various factors of course). At that time, the Leaf was less expensive and a lot of that came down to the battery range.


In electric bikes and cars alike the battery is probably the single most expensive and important component. Most people think that the wattage of the motor is going to determine the speed. And it kind of does… in a way… but really the battery is what will be dictating the actual power the motor receives.


Now most ebike riders like to go fast and have that feeling of power, but with that power and throttle comes more draining of the battery. Many companies have settled by either offering a bike with a high top speed but no throttle. Other companies give you the throttle but don’t add a second battery due to that cost factor we touched on earlier. Or, worse yet, they add the two batteries and throttle, but charge an expensive premium for their bikes


By now, you can understand what makes DŌST so special! The second battery option was specifically designed to reduce that range anxiety that all the other bike riders are burdened with. This gives you confidence that your DŌST will continue to perform even as you push it by maintaining a higher top speed. And the price-point is even far more approachable that some of those outdated dual battery systems you find in other manufactures.


Fast forward to today, and you notice that some have even began to copy what we made popular in 2020. The key here is to research the battery cells themselves. While a lot of competitors will skimp on lower quality and poor lasting cells, we at DŌST insist on Samsung for their reliability and reputation.


So to re-cap, the factors we talked about come down to battery dollar cost, cell quality, duration of the ride, max speed of the ride, lasting power for the life of the battery, and ability to have a throttle. The DŌST stands out by having the best in each of those important categories. Now you may understand why each DŌST component was hand picked to squeeze the most enjoyment out of each ride. And, as we always say, we must be doing something right if the customers are happy and the competition is trying to catch up.