December 26, 2020


So you got your DŌST bike, and now you want to keep it secure, so you go out and buy a lock.

Simple as that! All done!

Oh no…. Not so fast! Just as bikes have evolved over the years, so has the bicycle thief! Lucky for us, the lock has too so maybe we should brush up on our lock knowledge before pulling the trigger on just any old lock.

So the sad news is, the most common bike lock in stores, is also the most common to be defeated. I am talking about the cable lock. This comes in many forms… some have a key, some have a combination, some are 3ft, some are 12ft, etc etc. But what they all share in common is a diameter of threaded metal cable, housed in a PVC plastic-gel-like coating.

A few years ago, my city, was on some sort of top 10 list of bike theft in the country. This was interesting because we were also considered one of the safest cities in the nation. For some reason, the only thing criminals wanted, was our bicycles!

Anyway, my wife was driving us down some one-way streets and we hit a red light. I looked across at the park in the distance, and sure enough, I saw a bike and a guy with something that appeared to be some sort of shears or wire cutters… and SNIP the lock was gone and he jumped on the bike.

I asked my wife to follow him, but the one-way prevented us from turning. When we circled back around, he was gone without a trace.

That very weekend, I went into a bicycle store and asked them what could be done. After all, I was an early adopter of ebikes, and they were not cheap! I wanted to protect my investment. They echoed my fears when they flat out said “Cable locks don’t work”. They showed me a U-lock, but I didn’t like how it was so inflexible. That’s when I told them I had an ebike.

Their tone changed quickly and they said “Oh! Okay. If you want real protection, there are two routes you can go.” They introduced me to the ABUS steel-o-chain. Apparently, someone didn’t know the combination to one once and called a locksmith. The locksmith took a little over an hour to get it off the bike. He said it was the hardest bike lock he had ever experienced in his career.

The other item they showed me was called “boomerang”. It is a GPS tracking device for theft that fits on either a bike rack or bottle cage bosses. Lucky for us, DŌST has both! It works via an app on your smartphone that can pinpoint with precision accuracy, just where your bike is.

These are the options I ended up going with and my bike has been locked with confidence. I am curious, what have you tried? What has worked for you or what has not worked for you? Sound off in the comments below and I will see you in the next post!