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March 16, 2021

Is spring really on its way?

I don’t know about where you live, but from where I am sitting, the days seem to be getting longer. That means spring is on its way and the bike season can officially start! Did I say officially? Well… maybe we should say semi-officially. Yes, the weather is getting better, and the COVID-19 numbers seem to be dropping for now, (although the experts warn us we are not in the clear yet…) but we may not have as many close knit biking events this year. But, at the very least, it is probably time to break out the bikes from storage, dust them off, and enjoy some great riding.


Of course we all know some of us use or are looking for a DŌST to commute in the busy cities we live in. Some of us like to just use the bike for a quick trip to a close by market, or even for a leisure ride in the neighborhood. But what about a bike trail?


Today I want to talk a little bit about the bike trails in our area, both paved and unpaved, to see what that means for us as we approach spring.


Now, as you may know, a lot of trails may or may not have different restrictions or classes that they consider your ebike to be a part of. Please make sure to do your research before getting on your local paths. Additionally, we may do a blog post in the future covering in-depth trail laws for ebikes.


Laws aside, here are some things to take into consideration as you begin to enjoy your DŌST for the season:


Get familiar with the trail you want to take your bike on


  • Like we said, know that laws of that trail or path
  • Check the lay of the land and what other types of riders may utilize it
  • Check to see if your trail would have the desired distance to match how much range you have on your DŌST




  • Make sure to pack a tube, pump, and anything else you might want for a tire changing kit. A lot of trails have debris or thorns that could potentially give you a flat
  • Bring a some food or a snack if you plan for riding a while, also make sure to hydrate frequently even on shorter rides in the sun
  • Bring a lock if you plan on parking the bike somewhere, this is always handy to have on standby


Be safe


  • We recommend wearing a helmet, even if your local laws don’t require it
  • Give the right of way to other users on the trail and keep a special look out for children or animals
  • Use the integrated lights to your advantage, they are there both to see and be seen


Be courteous


  • Remember, we have a reputation to uphold as ebike riders, the more positive interactions we create, the more we can invite people to join in the fun
  • Similar to the safety bullet point above, being safe and aware of your surroundings can translate into proper manners as well
  • Stop and help if you can, if someone has a flat, has a question about your bike, or even if they are lost, a friendly acquaintance can make all the difference