February 18, 2021

If winter is still here

So much good news all around. This pandemic that we are in seems to finally be slowing down for us in North America. The state I live in is posting COVID-19 number significantly lower than what it was at the start of the winter. Could it be true? Could life return to some semblance of being normal again? 
I think it’s very possible, especially now that we are in the final months of winter and spring is on its way. Even though my state is about to get a snow storm this weekend, there is still that promise of spring and we know the weather is only going to get better. 
But, what if it doesn’t? I don’t like to really preach doom and gloom, but we all know that 2020 was a challenging year for a lot of us, challenging in many different ways. Well on that side of the coin, we know better now and we prepare more and use cation when necessary. 
I think it’s a good time to review some things to keep in mind if the winter season continues. 
  1. Keep your DŌST in the garage if you can, especially the battery. As a matter of fact, if you can take your battery inside the house, that would be even better. Keeping your battery at room temperature will ensure that you get the most of your battery life both in everyday charges and for the overall life of the battery
  1. Speaking of the battery, you will get less range in the colder months. This is nothing to be worried about, and it is totally normal with all electrical vehicles including the DŌST. Even electric cars perform under-par in the cold. There are battery warmers you can get that kind of act like a vest that wraps around your battery. This could help if you have the optional outside battery. 
  1. Keep an eye on the road. Conditions in certain areas of the country go from rain, sleet, snow, and anything in between. If you have driven different cars, a bicycle is somewhat equivalent to a rear wheel drive car. So you don’t want to throttle in the middle of turns, otherwise, you may get some slipping and sliding if you are in icy conditions. The brakes can have you sliding too, so make sure to keep speeds nice and safe when around others. 
  1. This is a new one that I started doing this year and it has really helped a lot and that is cleaning off your tires. In the wetter and colder months, you tires get a lot more debris stuck on them. Imagine a bit of snow pack landing right in your tread with a rock embedded into it. It has happened to me, which is why I bring it up. After rides in the winter, my tires have a lot more junk on them so I wash off the tires when I get home. I don’t use blistering hot or cold water, just slightly on the colder side of a middle warm seems to do the trick. 
Hopefully these tricks and tips help you and we can ride into the spring together safer and wiser than before!