December 24, 2020


At this time of year, the temperatures drop, but spirits seem to remain high. There is a buzz in the air because so many of us excited to celebrate Christmas, New Years’, Hanukkah, and many other holidays!

Like many companies, DŌST had a team Christmas Party recently, but it may not have been what you might expect.

Sure, Covid was a factor.. This was a virtual meeting so the energy and happiness that is normally in a crowded room, was now slightly suppressed by webcams and microphones. But that is not what made it unique. What really made it unique was DŌST company culture, and the genuine desire to serve customers.

You see, DŌST has a Litmus test you may or may not have heard of. It looks a little something like this: Does this decision make the experience better for the customer? If the answer is yes, then DŌST will quickly choose to go forward with that decision.

You know a company is customer-centric when they make significant time during the Christmas Party to recommit to that focus. This is one of two elements that has lead to DŌST’s success during a historic 2020, a year when most all businesses sorrowfully faced many challenges.

At DŌST, the main challenge felt was specifically with shipping and expectations of parts and bikes that were delayed time after time.

Thats where the second element came in, the customers. It turns out, when you focus on the customer, they will share in your success. So many of the wonderful DŌST customers formed a community to usher in new users and vouch for the bike and the company to people that had yet to have any experience.

It is not easy to spend thousands of dollars on a bike that is online. Especially in this uncertain time. Customers added an individual voice to sing in harmony: It is worth the wait.

As a blog writer for DŌST, I have one foot in the customer community, and one foot in the company. I have to tell you, it almost brings a tear to my eye to see how everyone shares in the joy of this bicycle. This is an experience I have yet to ever come across in my life. If all customers trusted companies like they trust DŌST, and if all companies trusted their customers like DŌST does, then it could change the face of commerce forever.

Being a fly on the wall in the virtual Christmas Party, I saw a humble company….filled with folks from all walks of life… come together to use their talents and pay tribute to their customers. I can tell you, they don’t take it for granted, and are excited to stay the course for 2021.

So, this blogger, and the DŌST company, want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, Happy Hanukkah, Oomisoka, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, and any other holiday you and yours celebrate this season. DŌST does not take you for granted, and is forever grateful to YOU.