February 9, 2021

Here, hold my drink

I love all these memes and jokes I see on the internet. The ones about someone showing off so they say “Hey hold my drink” or “Hold my beer”. Fun stuff. 
I only bring it up because DŌST has a drink holder available. The nifty cup holder is on the website for just $24. Shameless plug, right? Well it’s not quite that simple. 
Maybe you are like me. You get inspired after watching a Rocky movie and want to tackle the challenges head on. As we all know, even an electric bicycle is not without its ability to give the rider a vigorous workout. We take on the road, trail, or hill and a small part of us loves the heaving and huffing because we can almost feel that cupcake burn away, lost into space forever. 
Bicycles and ebike designers have known this for years, that’s why many of them (but not all of them) include bottle cage bosses. Even the DŌST here has them. These are super great additions that let you add a number of accessories, including but not limited to a water bottle mounting system. If you’re like me, you envision getting to the top of a trail, parking the bike, and chugging the water. And that works great for a lot of us. But if there’s one thing that my DŌST has taught me, it is that a bike can be so much more than just the limitations we are used to dealing with. 
My wife and I have a snow-cone shack near our house that we like to frequent in the summer. Its a nice and cheap little treat that we can enjoy on a hot day. This last summer, with our DŌST bikes, we rode up to the shack and got a snow cone number of times. They put it in the typical 8oz (I think) styrofoam cups that we are used to seeing everywhere. 
I bet you can imagine what comes next. Well, the first couple of times, I didn’t have a cup holder, and with social distancing in full swing, we couldn’t really stick around the parking lot and eat them. So we took off on our bikes and I awkwardly tried to hold it and the handlebars at the same time. 
Eventually, we ordered a couple of cup holders and suddenly, our outings broke out of the mold and we found ourselves really enjoying our rides. Not only that, but it kept everything pretty steady too. No spills or splashes to be found, but of course, it is recommended that your drink have a lid of possible. Anyway, everything from coffee, bubble tea, kombucha… you name it! You may think of the stereotypical Big Gulp, but in honesty, a lot of healthier drinks come in cups and cans that don’t quite fit the regular bottle holders. Truly a simple addition like this can change your DŌST and the adventures you can have with it. In my opinion, this is a bang for the buck accessory that almost pays for itself. Who knew such an inexpensive attachment could open so many doors? I highly recommend it, especially with spring and summer on their way!