February 2, 2021

Fully assembled

“A storage bed!”, my wife said. “A storage bed will allow us to tuck things away and keep the house clean”. She was right. Our closets were starting to get crowded with clutter. Not to mention, I took on a new hobby 6 months ago and never had anywhere to put the stuff except laying around the house.
We instantly started looking at storage bed frames. We were excited because we found one that was the perfect size for both the room, and the amount of storage draws we needed. 
The price was even good too! Clearly, every thing had fallen in our lap and we were impressed with ourselves for finding the perfect fit. That is, of course, until the day it arrived in at our house. 
A heavy package of corrugated cardboard was at our door step. Remember, I am picking up a package that while compact, contains the entire weight of a bed frame with drawers. Sheesh… just getting it from the front door to the guest room was an ordeal. 
My wife was excited to get started right away. Sensing her anticipation, I grabbed the box cutter and opened it up. Once I got it spread out throughout the floor the weight of it all hit me. “This. Is….. A lot of parts.” I said with half frustration, half sadness. I just had my 2nd hip surgery a few months prior. Now it was her turn and she sensed my withdraw. 
But suddenly, she snapped her finger as the light bulb went off. “I got it,” she said. “There is an app where you can hire out people for odd jobs.” Clearly, this was the final solution to our puzzle. 
Only an hour later, a nice young father showed up at our door and we walked him into the guest room while we explained the task at hand. He spent no time loitering and got straight to work. I stuck around for a bit to make small talk. He told me he was a school teacher and does jobs like this on the weekends to earn extra money for his family. I felt comfortable leaving the room and letting him do his thing. About an hour later, with sweat spots on his shirt, he huffed “It’s done sir.”
My wife wanted to get a head start on filling the new drawers and this young man was clearly in need of a break. We thanked him and inquired how to pay or tip him. He said it was all done through the app and he was on his way. We thought we had won again. Until we saw the bill. I certainly believed we got great service, but the cost of this labor was not cheap by any means. And unfortunately, we later noticed, one of the drawers was crooked and loose. 
So what does this have to do with DŌST? DŌST comes fully assembled. You get to open it right away and ride the very moment you feel like it. The entire process we went through in the story including the stress, high cost we had to pay, and the imperfections in quality are all eliminated with DŌST. When you take delivery on your new DŌST bike, you may or may not notice such a detail. But as a true believer, trust me when I say, I definitely notice and appreciate DŌST!