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March 4, 2021

Eyes on the road

One thing that sets the DŌST models apart from the competition is the many features and accessories it offers. If you are like many customers, you may want to get your DŌST kitted out from head to toe with all be the best accessories and upgrades available. Yes, these additions make the ride much better in a plethora of different ways and increase comfort. But today, I want to talk a bit about how you can safely enjoy all these benefits.


Let’s take a quick look at the standard DŌST cockpit. Mounted on the handlebars and going from left to right, you have a thumb throttle, a control pad, a display, and a gearing indicator window. Maybe for now, we won’t think about the throttle because you can typically use that without needing to actually see it. So without the throttle, that makes 3 different sections vying for your attention. Now, let’s add a cup holder, cell phone mount, and rearview mirror. We just double the amount of factors to 6 items in the cockpit.


Even in the safety of a steel caged car, we are told to avoid distracted driving, so you can imagine how crucial it might be on a high speed ebike that your are you are trying to balance on at the same time. So here we will break down some tips to help keep you focused while getting the most out of your DŌST.


Control Pad


  • Make sure to adjust all readouts and settings you want before your ride.
  • Get comfortable especially with the placement of the + and - buttons so you can change levels without looking.
  • Also try to make use of the lights for safety and visibility.




  • Again, make sure to adjust all readouts and settings you want before your ride.
  • Set the brightness setting to you desired level before your ride as well.
  • Like driving a car, make quick glances at the display to keep within any local regulations.


Gear Indicator Window


  • Similar to a car with manual gears, try to visualize the pattern in your head and shift up and down accordingly.
  • Once you do this, it is likely that you will only need to glance at it for a moment if the gears are changing up a hill.


Cup Holder


  • Try to keep your drink below maximum fill line so you can ride without babysitting it.
  • Stoplights and breaks on the trail are optimum times for taking a drink.


Mounted Cell Phone


  • Similar to your display, make sure you have the information you want pulled up before hand like GPS, Calorie trackers, etc.
  • Also like driving a car, only use quick glances for GPS and other readouts.
  • On a trail, know what is ahead of you before checking your workout stats.


Rearview Mirror


  • Always check while moving to the right or left on a bicycle lane.
  • Try to keep one eye aware of what is in front and one of what is aware in back.
  • It is advised to turn your head to look over your shoulder quickly if you are unsure what the obstacles may be.


Alright, so there you have it! Now, granted, if you are on a trail, it may not be as busy or bustling as a street commute. However, please continue to use safety as things can happen on the trails too when we get too lax with our standards.