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March 18, 2021

Electrek Review

Back in Febuary, we were fortunate enough to have one of our bikes (the DŌST KOPE) reviewed by Electrek. This was a great opportunity to put our bikes up to the test and see how they compare with the competition at large.


Reviewing this bike was none other than Mikey G. A little background on Mikey G is he has been in the electric vehicle industry for the better part of a decade now. He began his professional career by working for one of the nations premier electric car conversion companies, then became famous on YouTube for his reviews on ebikes, motors, and components on his Blue Monkey Bicycle YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxCnkTpNuPedpVgEEq3LjCQ). After a brief stint with Electric Bike Review, he now works full time for Electrek showcasing his EV news podcast (known as Quick Charge) as well as reviewing electric cars and bikes. Long story short, Mikey REALLY knows his stuff!


Since he is so well versed on just about every electric bicycle out there, we thought he would be a perfect candidate to review so he can tell us what he really thinks the DŌST has to offer.


Aside from doing a hilarious job of having his sub-headings rhyme with DŌST (great job Mikey!), he also breaks down what makes the DŌST a winner in his book:


“As a commuter, it’s completely capable, and added accessories from DŌST get you fully loaded. As a comfort cruiser, the bike is very easy to ride for long durations.”


“My favorite use case is exploring a given area. With a range that high, and a motor that robust, I’d explore to my heart’s content. Using only the bikes, I got to travel pretty far in Vancouver: climbing a mountain pass, a bit of commuting, and a gravel waterfront trail. In each of these areas the bikes performed comfortably and I felt right at home.”


In the spirit of transparency, Mikey also tackled what may be seen as a potential con:


“The cadence based BBS02 motor has been around for a long time. While DŌST bikes are still getting the benefits of a mid-drive, it’s not exactly cutting edge. The real benefit is serviceability and a proven track record. Considering DŌST is going with a mid-drive, the 9-speed gear range can seem limited for experienced cyclists.”


Over all however, Mikey and Electrek seemed very pleased with the DŌST KOPE. They specifically point out the dual battery system, comfortable seating and riding geometry, powerful throttle and motor, and of course, the joy of long range capabilities. In the conclusion, Mikey wraps it up with this:


“For the average American, who usually bikes for leisure, I think DŌST hit the nail right on the head. They really understand what people want from an e-bike, and what they will use. These bikes will get more people out, and get them out FAR, exploring new terrain and distant climbs with ease of mind and comfort.”


For more information on the Electrek review, click here: https://electrek.co/2020/02/26/dost-ebike-review/


To see the DŌST in action on Mikey’s video review, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD5tdyhAOYE