June 8, 2021


Back in Febuary of 2020, we were fortunate enough to have one of our bikes (the DŌST DROP) reviewed by electricbikereview.com (EBR). This was a great opportunity to put our bikes up to the test and see how they compare with the competition at large.


Reviewing this bike was none other than Court, the man himself. A little background on Court is he has been in the electric bike industry for countless years now. He began as an electric bike lover early in the adoption phase. Seeking reviews for bikes he was curious about, he was able to find very little. Armed with a Go-Pro and Prius, he began traveling the country reviewing bikes on his own dime. Eventually, as his library of reviews grew, he was able to take EBR to new heights as a verified and legitimate business and became on of the most prominent voices in the ebike world. Long story short, Court REALLY knows his stuff!


Since he is so well versed on just about every electric bicycle out there, we thought he would be a perfect candidate to review so he can tell us what he really thinks the DŌST has to offer.


Aside from listing each and every spec and detail to the letter, he also breaks down what makes the DŌST a winner in his book:


“Safety is a big focus for me when cycling, especially at higher speeds or if the frame is dark colored, so it’s cool that DŌST has opted for reflective tires and integrated lights. I consider the puncture protected tire upgrade to also be a safety win, and Schwalbe is known for making high quality tires in general.”

“The bike is feature complete, and the hardware they chose is in the mid to high-end vs. basic “check the box” level of quality. You can see this in the wide plastic fenders that use hidden bolts and support struts, the plastic wire wraps and large rubberized gussets where they feed into the frame, the sturdy ergotec adjustable stem (less likely to come loose than cheaper options), the tool-free adjustable length kickstand, and the brighter lights that use two LEDs vs. just one.”


In the spirit of transparency, Court also tackled what may be seen as a potential con:


“If you opt for a second battery pack, note that it and the main pack have to be charged independently (or you can buy an extra charger). There’s no system for charging simultaneously, and the basic 2 amp charger is fairly slow compared to some newer 3 amp and 4 amp chargers I’ve seen. They probably chose it based on how small, lightweight, and affordable it was.”


Over all however, Court and EBR seemed very pleased with the DŌST DROP. They specifically point out the dual battery system, comfortable seating and riding geometry, powerful throttle and motor, and of course, the joy of long range capabilities. In the conclusion, Court wraps it up with this:


”This is one of the only electric bikes I’m aware of that features a mid-drive motor with shift detection and a throttle, dual battery options for long range riding, and Class 3 speed pedelec performance! The drive system is highly configurable, so you can adjust the top speed or remove the throttle to qualify as Class 1 to use on mountain bike trails.”


For more information on the EBR review, click here: https://electricbikereview.com/dost/drop/


To see the DŌST in action on Court’s video review, click here: https://youtu.be/viPzyvpHvTs