October 30, 2020


Four days ago, my wife and I were hungry for dinner.

“What would you like to eat?”, she asked. I was hungry for chicken, but we didn’t want to spend a lot. An agreement was made. We would go to the El Pollo Loco that was two and a half miles away.

“Can we take the scooter?” She asked.
“Sure, why not.” I said.

You see, in college, we had a little tiny Honda 50cc scooter we used to run around town with. We would get snow cones, use the large storage to fit a gallon of milk from the grocery store….. all while getting 125mpg.

Since then, we have always owned a scooter that we could ride with her holding on behind me for short jaunts around town. However, this last year, we have not had a scooter. Feeling something was missing in our life, I quickly picked up a nearby scooter for sale for a few hundred dollars about 10 days ago. This was the scooter we would take out to dinner.

As we waited in the drive-thru, our scooter was loud. I cut the engine so we could better dictate and hear our order. After ordering, a car pulled up behind us. “We better get going.” I thought, since the scooter was slow with 2 people on it and had very little torque. I turned on the engine and throttled it. A little too much perhaps.

The scooter was flooded and would not start. We waited almost 45 minutes and ate our dinner. It would still not start. The solution would be to take the spark plug out… but I had no tools on me. I need to get this thing back home.

I quickly called my brother and asked him to bring me the DŌST bike. Maybe 15 minutes later, he showed up with the DŌST on the bike rack and his car. We quickly gave the car to my wife to drive back home. We then outfitted the rear of the dost frame with two towing straps, one on each side of rack. Then those stretched about 15 feet to each handle bar of the scooter.

Once secure and in place, my brother said “Do your lights still work?”
“Yep, brakes, headlight, and turn signal” I chimed back. Then with hesitation I said “…I have never done this before. Towed a 2 wheel vehicle with another 2 wheel vehicle.”
“Me neither.” My brother said reluctantly.

We knew the DŌST very well, but was it capable of such a feat? Without any hesitation, it sprung forward pulling myself and the motor scooter, a combined weight of almost 400 pounds.

To our joy, it picked us up right away as we entered out of the parking lot and into traffic. No longer was the question if the DŌST could pull it or not, but the question was that of balance.

Although we reached over 20mph easily, the turns would have to be taken slow and wide. After a few turns, we had this experience mastered. My brother said “Towing with a bike is actually easier! We can relay commands back and forth and hear each other!” as I signaled to him I was going to brake.

From my view, sitting behind the DŌST, I couldn’t help but feel like I was in the past. College was done and gone, and complicated fuel systems are becoming a thing of the past as we speak.

The DŌST not only rescued us, it out classed the competition in torque, range, reliability, and finesse. Once home, I was not looking forward to the greasy mechanical work ahead of me on the scooter. Maybe next time, for the sake of our future, we will take the DŌST bikes instead.