June 21, 2022

DŌST Sustain Primer #2: Biking Advocacy

Hi there,

If you’ve followed us throughout our journey, you’ll know that at DŌST, our mission is simple: to grow biking across North America! Biking is not only good for people and our communities, but it’s also vital to help sustain our planet.

Sure, it’s a big vision, but we’ve got a plan. We call it DŌST Sustain, and it acts as our guide in everything we do, from the bikes we build, to the company we are, to the movements we support.

Today, I’d like to discuss another important pillar of DŌST Sustain: Biking Advocacy

Last summer, DŌST launched a campaign called #RideSomeGood aimed at raising critical funds to support non-profit Biking Advocacy Organizations including Velo Canada and People for Bikes in the US.

These Biking Advocacy Organizations share in our mission to grow biking and do so by:

  • Getting funding for infrastructure projects like bikes lanes
  • Working with lawmakers at all levels of government to pass legislation like tax breaks for ebikes
  • Educating the public about safety and the benefits of biking for health and the planet

The campaign was a good start but we have so much more to do on this front to ensure biking is not just thought of, but pursued, as a primary mode of transport for all.

Join us in supporting these initiatives and supporting biking advocacy so we can all, together, grow biking!

Happy Riding!