June 18, 2022

DŌST Sustain Primer #1: Durability

Hi there,

If you’ve followed us throughout our journey, you’ll know that at DŌST, our mission is simple: to grow biking across North America! Biking is not only good for people and our communities, but it’s also vital to help sustain our planet.

Sure, it’s a big vision, but we’ve got a plan. We call it DŌST Sustain, and it acts as our guide in everything we do, from the bikes we build, to the company we are, to the movements we support.

Today, I’d like to discuss an important pillar of DŌST Sustain: Durability

According to Waste Management Magazine, bike waste has become a major problem worldwide as it’s estimated roughly 15 million bikes are discarded by their owners every year. And, unfortunately, many of these unwanted bikes end up in landfills. 

DŌST bikes are designed to look good, perform well and most importantly, last for years. Using only brand name components that we’ve tested to ensure long-life and durability ensure that your DŌST will be a companion you can rely on for years to come. And better yet, if anything should go wrong with your DŌST, we guarantee we’ll have the parts in stock to get you back on the road.

More riding, less landfill.

Happy Riding!