November 13, 2020


Times are crazy right about now. We think that the DŌST bike can help in a major way if you are stressed and face challenges. Take this acronym as a proposal to benefit your life. R.I.D.E.

It stands for Recuperate, Introspect, Dedication, Enjoyment. These 4 principals will not only bond you with your DŌST bike, but they are designed so that you might progress your personal desires in a lively way. So let’s break each of them down real quick.


Recuperation can be a way for you to recover and regain your body and mind. News and politics may get you down or be a source of stress for you. Perhaps your mind is on the COVID 19 virus. Other factors like the economy, family and friends, or maybe even outside factors have weighed you down in one sense or another. Now while somethings can simply not be ignored, it is proven that taking some time out for yourself can help you regroup and set your mind right. One of the best ways to recuperate is to take a ride on your DŌST bike.  A quick jaunt is enough to get you outdoors and get the blood flowing. Those who get outdoors also reap the rewards of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is not only essential for health but is a necessity in building your immune system and fighting COVID 19. Many feel like they want to hit the reset button on the day or the week and a DŌST ride is the best way to do it!


While on your ride, it can be a time of personal reflection… a great time to check in with yourself and see where things are coming together. If things are falling apart, this is a good time to take a step back and look at the problems of life from another angle. Once outside of the worries and cares, you get a real feel for what matters and what doesn’t. Plus, some time spent away from the hustle and bustle can center your mood in almost magical ways that some people can’t explain. An afternoon on a ride can really help get you thinking clearly to a point where decisions are efficient and troubles become weightless. 


Set a pattern or sometimes in your calendar to ride your DŌST routinely. Having a routine is great for your peace of mind and mental health. De Ramon Solhkhah says: The pandemic has left many people feeling adrift because those daily routines that were essential to us before the COVID-19 crisis have evaporated and been replaced by uncertainty and a lack of structure that can contribute to stress, anxiety and even clinical depression.” To clarify, he mentions “Routines can create a positive level of stress that keeps us focused and may avoid some of the depression that many people may experience as a result of the COVID pandemic, isolation, fear and uncertainty. I recommend creating and maintaining routines that you can follow even in quarantine that will help reduce the mental health impact of what we are experiencing.” A scheduled afternoon bike ride sounds like just what the doctor ordered. 


Well, it may sound almost too easy, but HAVE FUN! There is what we call the e-bike smile… when you get back from a ride and slow down to a halt, and then touch your feet to the ground… it’s hard not to have a smile! Ebikes just make people happy. Use your bike ride as a get-a-way if you need to as well! Forget all the worries and cares and just feel the acceleration combined with the breeze. Nothing will make you happier than enjoying the pure thrill of an ebike!