July 15, 2022

DŌST Hacks: Flat Tire

Hi there,

I love going onto the DŌST Facebook page and seeing passionate riders give one another practical and helpful advice on what to do next should they experience any minor issues with their bike.

Today, I’d like to do the same and discuss one of the more common problems faced by riders: flat tires. Now, I’m not going to discuss how to repair a tire but rather specific features on your DŌST that will help you navigate next steps should this happen to you.

Before I dig into this further, I should mention that DŌST equips its bikes with puncture protective tires so barring unforeseen circumstances, riders should theoretically experience a lot less flats. (The Schwalbe Super Moto X tire we use has Kevlar reinforcement after all). But lets say you do get one and you have no means to immediately fix the flat on the spot. What are your options?

  1. If your vehicle is close by: you can utilize the quick release axel on both the front and back tires, allowing you to easily remove the wheels to pack the bike up into the trunk or back seat . However, it is important that you don’t squeeze the brake handles once the tire is off as this causes the caliper to close on nothing, which could result in brakes being out of line when you put the tire back on.
  2. If you don’t have a vehicle close by: your DŌST bike has a walk mode feature that pushes the bike along electrically at a comfortable walking pace. All you have to do is walk alongside it, helping the handlebars stay straight.

These features ensure that if you can’t fix your flat tire on the spot, there are easy and safe ways to transport your bike home or to a nearby shop for repairs.

And of course, if you prefer to leave the repairs to the experts, your next step can be to book a service appointment with our team.

Happy Riding!