June 16, 2021


Are you new to DŌST bikes? Maybe new to ebikes in general? Well you came to the right place! In this blog post, we are going to go over some frequently asked questions that many people encounter when shopping for a DŌST, so let’s kick it off!

What happens if the battery dies while I am riding?

Well, thanks to our optional dual battery system, that likely won’t happen. We have been told that our batteries last longer than most care to sit on a bicycle seat! But in the even an ebike looses juice, it still functions as a normal bicycle would. You can ride it, shift gears, make adjustments, etc all the same. Electric bicycles are a bit heaver though, so you probably don’t want to expect any speed racing.


What is the speed limit on this bike? Can I use it on any trail?

Due to country, county, city, and even state park ordinances, every thing is different. No consensus of universal ebike laws have been passed, so it really comes down to where you live. The good news is, we designed DŌST right out of the box to conform with whatever your laws require. Our bike can be set up for Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 ebike configurations, so make sure to check your local cities and trails for where you live on what you need.


What are battery integrated lights?

Bicycle lights come in many configurations. You may have seen some that take a flat watch battery, or even some that charge through USB. We at DŌST wanted to take the hassle out of the equation by having a front and rear light that power off the ebike battery. No more charging lights, forgetting them at home, or having them fall off. And just incase you are worried about the main battery drain, rest assured, these front and rear LED lights are significantly more efficient than you might imagine!


Do ebikes fit on traditional bicycle racks?

We designed DŌST to fit on most conventional racks. We do recommend however using a rack that is built for the extra weight an ebike has, or removing the batteries for weight reduction. As for other ebike brands, it really depends on the design of their frame.


What are puncture resistant tires?

Our Schwalbe Super Moto X tires include Kevlar reinforcement inside to help prevent flats from happening. To be clear, this is not a guarantee that it won’t go flat. They can be penetrated. But a wide range of tests concluded that tires with this reinforcement received significantly less flats than tires without.


What is the deal with the Ergotech stem?

The Ergotech stem allow you to dial in with perfect precision what riding geometry works for you. If you have a physical consideration or therapy in mind, you can configure it to your comfort. Or, if you just want to get the ideal position for a long ride or spirited sprint on the mountain, this will help a ton. This way, the bicycle conforms to you instead of you having to conform to the bicycle.