June 14, 2021


Are you new to DŌST bikes? Maybe new to ebikes in general? Well you came to the right place! In this blog post, we are going to go over some frequently asked questions that many people encounter when shopping for a DŌST, so let’s kick it off!

What does DŌST mean?

DŌST (pronounced dough-stuh, rhymes with toast) simply put, means friend. We created out bikes to be a trustworthy companion for you and your adventures.


What is the difference between the DROP and the KOPE bikes?

The bikes are quite the same except the DROP features a low step through frame, while the KOPE is a step-over frame.


What are the benefits of the dual battery system?

The dual battery setup is for increased range. The power remains the same in the sense that you are taking advantage of that 750 watt motor with either battery.


Why are some ebikes so expensive, while others are so cheap? Where does that put DŌST?

Most of the time, the pricing of the bikes boil down to features and the quality of the components. You may have heard of Shimano before, a major manufacturer of bicycle components. Cheaper ebikes will have more of an entry level Shimano part for example, or sometimes use an off brand if they are really cutting corners. The expensive bikes would be in the opposite end of the spectrum. After our extensive knowledge in the ebike industry we positioned DŌST to get the most quality for your money. No bottom of the barrel brands, but nothing you don’t need…. Our target was to make a bike the smart buy for those who know.


Can you charge an ebike by pedaling it?

The quick answer is no. Check out our “Common ebike misconceptions part 1” blog post for a detailed answer.


Which is better? Mid-drive, front-hub, or rear-hub?

Similar to a car, they all have unique ways they ride. Front hub would is usually the least desired as it gets the front wheel very slippery with no weight on the tire to keep it glued to the ground. This is usually reserved for design challenges like a trike. Rear hub is not so bad because it spins the back wheel to push along the weight forward. It also will usually carry some of the rider weight as well as the battery to keep the tire down. Mid drive is typically the gold standard, which is why most expensive bike brands use it. It keeps all weight centered for maximum power, maneuverability, and efficiency. We chose this for DŌST once the market allowed for a reputable brand-name mid-drive system at a reasonable price.


What do all these battery numbers mean?

If you see a battery like ours at 48V 14AH, it is basically telling you two things. The V (Voltage) is going to tell you how much physical pushing power the battery sends to the motor. So, for example, a 36V system would be weaker and slower than our 48V system. The AH (Amp Hours) is duration otherwise known as battery life. The greater the AH, the longer a battery will last on a single charge.