February 16, 2021


Have you heard the news? DŌST bikes has a Facebook group! 
Well, you may have heard about the official “DŌST BIKES” Facebook page. That page is a little more of a brand and advertising social media page. But if you search the groups on Facebook, you will come across something called “DŌST BIKES Group”. This is the one you want to get into if you want to hear and participate in the community at large. 
You may be surprised what this community can do for you. The DŌST community page is comprised of owners, soon to be owners, people interested in DŌST, people in the general ebike community, and even DŌST employees and founders! 
With such a diversity of perspectives, a lot of thoughtful discussion takes place. Even contested debates! Here is a couple of example of posts you might see:
Craig says: What is everyone using to lock their bike? I have seen enough videos to know every lock is breakable, so I was thinking about combining two types, like a forgetabouit kryptonite and perhaps a folding lock like the one Dost sells... love some input before the bikes arrive.

Angela says: SWITCHING FROM PAS 5 TO PAS 9: I received my new Dost Drop on Christmas day last year (that arrival date was just a happy coincidence!). Just today I hit 400 miles. I love this bike so much! ... but it has, at times. seemed a bit too powerful and hard to control at times for me.... especially when I would turn corners, and most especially sharp turns. BUT…JUST TODAY, I switched my setting from PAS 5 to PAS 9 – and what a difference! It’s like a whole new bike for me. Making turns is now a breeze and the bike feels 15 pounds lighter to me…far easier to manage. It is just as powerful but I feel I have much more control. Today on my ride, I spent the time manipulating the new PAS levels (now 1-9) and shifting gears. It’s now a different ball game for me in PAS 9 and much better for me as I have far more options and much greater control. This is my third ebike and now I can see that it is the best one ever. I was wondering if anyone else had this experience with the PAS setting.
Brian says: Some people are concerned about buying the Dost online without seeing it and trying it out. I can relate to this but if I were concerned about it, I would go ahead and buy it then if I was not happy with it, put it online for sale at the price you paid for it. I'll bet you could sell it fast to someone that did not want to wait months for a bike and could buy and ride it home. The only drawback is you also have to wait for the bike.
These are just samples of conversations taking place right now on the DŌST BIKES Group on Facebook. Each of these have their own chain of replies, questions, and considerations attached. So feel free to join and jump in! Here is a link for to add yourself to the Facebook group. Hope to see you there!