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May 17, 2021

British Columbia Makes Ebikes Tax-Exempt

British Columbia Makes Ebikes Tax-Exempt

Some great news to announce for anyone looking to buy a new ebike here in British Columbia. As of April 21, ebikes are exempt from the 5% Provincial Sales Tax (PST) charged on almost all consumer goods. That’ll save you $185 on a DŌST Bike, which will rise to $210 when our price increases go into effect on June 1st.

Until now only non-electric bikes sold in the province have been exempted from the tax, and many environmental groups and biking advocates - including us here at DŌST - have been calling on governments to offer purchase incentives to make ebikes more affordable. Ebikes are a key part of decarbonizing our transportation systems, and it just makes sense for governments to offer purchase incentives to help them achieve their GHG reduction targets.

In fact, given the many benefits ebiking provides - a healthier population, less traffic congestion, zero GHG emissions, lower infrastructure costs, and more - governments should be offering much more generous incentives. A good example is the proposed EBIKE Act in the US that would provide a tax credit of up to $1,500 on ebikes priced under $8,000. Most observers agree that getting the Act passed into law has a long way to go, but imagine how many more ebikes - and fewer cars - would be on the road if it did!

The last thing we’ll say is that if you think these incentive schemes are a good idea, then we all have Biking Advocacy Organizations to thank. Pushing for this kind of legislation is just one of their many activities, and that’s exactly why DŌST is proud to be providing financial support to our advocacy partners People for Bikes and Velo Canada.

Let’s grow ebiking!