August 3, 2021

Beat the heat

I travel quite a bit. Even during the height of the pandemic my employment required me to be on the east and west coast for certain moments. One thing I have noticed in humid and dry climates is; you can’t escape the heat.


As I write this, the western states are dealing with record high temperatures smack dab at the peak of summer. I was just in Florida too and the humidity brought with it such a sting of sun that a coworker fainted right before my eyes from heat exhaustion.


So what can we do? Well a lovers of our DŌST ebikes, we are out in the sun riding as much as we can this season. Maybe the lockdown has not only required us to stay put so we want to get out more, but it may have left us forgetting how much of a burden the sun can be at times. Here are 3 simple ways we can beat the heat and enjoy our rides:



Although not standard on ebikes including DŌST, a water bottle holder or cup holder can be a inexpensive add on to your bike that makes all the difference in the world. Staying hydrated will be great for your endurance, your level of keeping cool, and just all around wonderful for your body in general. If you have the 2nd battery option or just plan to go the extra mile in the sun, another recommended accessory is a Camelbak backpack. These hydration packs can be tailored to oz size and even have regular pockets for backpack features:



Applying sunscreen before a ride not only protects you from irritating to debilitating sunburns, but protects your skin itself from UV rays that can lead to skin cancer. This should be applied to any skin surface your clothing or hair does not cover. A single ounce of sunscreen is usually enough to cover all those surfaces. When it comes to actual SPF values, SPF 30 is a great starting point that offers 97% UV ray blocking. SPF 50 or SPF100 is great, but it really only bumps up your protection to 98% and 99% respectively.


Breathable Clothing

Some of us are early birds and want to get out and enjoy a good sunrise. If that is the case, start with layers of clothing that you can shed as the temperatures rise. If you are going out in the daily hot temperatures, make sure you have clothing that stays breathable without compromising safety. I am guilty myself of hopping on the bike with flip-flops or sandals, but for safety, shoes really are your best bet as feet are often a impact area in most crashes or sudden stops or turns to avoid danger.


Don’t Overdo It

If you start getting heated up or notice other signs of exhaustion , make sure to stop and take a break. Find some shade or park the bike and go into an air-conditioned business or building if available. The poor woman I worked with that fainted did so because she believes she could simply power through the heat. Pay attention to your body and what it is telling you and hydrate often and you will stay safe while having all the fun the riding season brings.