December 12, 2020


Cheap. Chinese. Plastic. Have you heard those words before? Or maybe something similar that is trying to get the same point across? I sure have. I have even used it once. I got an adapter for my MacBook on Amazon. It broke within 1 week of basic use. “Cheap Chinese plastic…” I muttered as I chucked it in the bin.

I remember long ago, when products made in North America were the gold standard. Slowly, but surely, the Japanese got into mass production and their quality got better and better. Everyone knows that story, but you may not know the Korean counterpart story.

I do, I was researching televisions in probably somewhere in the year 2000. Sony, a Japanese brand I had come to trust, had a killer TV for a good price. But there was this upstart I had never heard of. It was called Samsung. Samsung (at least back then) was maybe a 1/3rd the cost of the Sony I was looking at. I would have to make some sacrifices in one or two features, but the picture quality was almost identical.

Fast forward to today and you see Samsung and LG are global brandnames. Just like the Japanese, the quality has gotten better and better, and now you see them similarly priced to Sony.

So, what I am getting at here, is a pattern I see emerging. And in the ebike world, it all starts with Bafang. A few years ago, nobody knew who Bafang was. They quietly made motors for some of the more prominent ebike manufactures in the early years. They proved over the test of time that they were both powerful and reliable. Fast forward to today and you see them going pound for pound up against some stiff names. Brands that have been in the ring for decades. Brands like Yamaha, Shimano, and Bosch to name a few.

Bafang’s strategy is simple, but highly effective. Give the people what they want, make it faster, more reliable, and give us an on demand throttle! Like Samsung in the early days, they have to release quality, reliability, etc… but they also have to do it for less.

Thats why now is the perfect time to get a Bafang powered DŌST bike. Do your research, ask around to anyone. Everyone will tell you that Bafang has earned their stripes in the ebike market. Riders spend more time riding and less time in maintenance for a faulty controller or something.

During this golden moment, you get all the features you want (mid-drive, throttle, dependability, etc) for a fraction of the price. Look at other brands that use Bosch for example. Their cost is way higher! And there is no on-demand throttle! Lucky for us DŌST bikes are competitively priced and can stay that way with Bafang.

Now, of course, there are bad goods from any company, or country for that matter. But mark my words, Bafang is getting bigger because of the good work they do. I need to stop judging books by their cover and stop painting everything with a broad brush stroke. And I thank Bafang for helping me realize that.