April 30, 2022

Attempting the Guinness World Record for Longest Ebike Ride - Riding DŌST Bikes!

Well here’s something fun to break you out of that winter slumber!


Since late last year the team at DŌST has been working with an incredibly adventurous young couple from Florida - Skipper & Flipper - who are about to attempt a Guiness World Record for the Longest Journey by Ebike.


And not just any ebikes, as you might have guessed. They’ll be making the attempt riding DOST Bikes! That’s right, the brand famous for long-range dual-battery ebikes is proud to be the Official Ebike Supplier of this Guinness Record-Breaking bike ride. 


The riders are Danielle “Flipper” Kreusch and Kyle “Skipper” Hawkins, life-partners who lead an adventurous, yet simple existence that they call “life in the slow lane”. Danielle is 30 and originally from Salt Lake City, and Kyle is 35 and originally from Minnesota. The couple now reside in St. Petersburg, Florida, an ideal launching point for their sailing adventures as it turns out. 


In their 9 years together they’ve logged more than 10,000 nautical miles in various sailing craft, with one especially notable expedition; a 2,000 mile sail down the Mississippi from Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico - in a sail/oar boat they built themselves! - that finished with a tandem bike ride another 500 miles from Louisiana back their home in Florida. I guess this team is well-suited for a 3 month ebike ride around the good ol’ USofA!


OK, so here are some of the key details:


The record itself is listed by Guinness as the “longest journey by motorized bicycle”. It currently stands at 8,209.10 km (5,100.90 miles), and was set in 2016 by Ravindran Kempaiah, from Wisconsin, who covered 12 states in 34 days riding a Stromer. Interestingly, Mr. Kempaiah also listed as inspiration, to bring attention to ebikes as a greener transportation alternative. Sounds like our kinda guy… he’d probably appreciate our DOST Sustain series!


To beat that, Danielle & Kyle are planning a 7,000 mile journey, some 1,900 miles (3,000 kms) further than the current record. They expect to be on the road for 3 months, riding an average of 100 miles/day (160 km/day). Their plan is to stick to the backroads and eventually reach all four corners of continental USA


  • Key West Florida
  • Madawaska, Maine
  • Blaine, Washington
  • and finally San Diego California.


As someone who’s done some long bike tours over the years, here are a couple stats that stick out for me. The total elevation gain of their route will be about 120,000 feet. That’s equivalent to riding up Mt. Everest…. 4 times! Even on an ebike that’s a lot of climbing. The other one is the duration - 3 months on a bike seat is a serious commitment!


The ride begins Sunday May 1st. Danielle & Kyle have spent the last month dialling in their gear and they are BEYOND EXCITED to hit the road. Over the next few weeks DŌST will be creating media to cover the expedition, so stay tuned for some videos, blog posts and of course we’ll have it up on social media so you can follow along.


Riding ebikes, breaking World Records… 2022 is shaping up nicely!