August 5, 2022

A World Record Achievement

Hi there,

What. A. Finish.

This past Saturday afternoon, Danielle “Flipper” Kreusch and Kyle “Skipper” Hawkins, etched their names (literally) into the Guinness World Record books by setting a new mark for “longest journey by motorized bicycle”.

Starting in Key West, Florida and riding an average of 100 miles/day across the continued United States, the inspirational couple crossed the finish the line at beautiful Marine Park in Bellingham, Washington, tallying more than 7,000 miles on their DŌST Drop and Kope bikes.

As this incredible journey comes to an end, I would just like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Flipper and Skipper for inspiring me and the overall DŌST community throughout the past three months. Despite torrential downpours, extreme winds, extended heat waves, and other hazardous conditions, they persevered through it all, showing us what it means to push through the boundaries of what was previously thought to be impossible in our own lives.

When we started DŌST back in 2019, our goal was to equip enthusiasts with the industry’s best and most reliable and durable, long-range ebike. Seeing Flipper and Skipper arrive at the finish with their DŌST bikes largely intact (save for a couple of worn out brake pads and the odd flat tire) further demonstrated how we are truly delivering on this goal.

My hope is that this incredible journey and powerful case study on cross-country travel via ebike will further support the movement towards more mainstream adoption of sustainable modes of transport.

We can’t wait for you to watch the recap of Flipper and Skipper’s final day of their monumental ride. In the meantime you can check out a recap of their journey on the DŌST Instagram story page.

Happy Riding!